Take a Vacation in Nairobi at Aladdin Gourmet Restaurant

written by Jeannette Musembi 20th December 2012

With the hustle and bustle that befalls Nairobi and its residents from Monday to Monday, it is no wonder that many people prefer to take a break away from the city when they have the chance. It doesn’t matter where the road leads you as long as there is a promise of calm and peace at the finish line. Well here is one place you can experience the best of that without necessarily packing your suitcase.

Aladdin gourmet restaurant is located right along Kiambu road. Now I must admit I was somehow misled by Google maps before I physically went to the location. It looks a bit far off but surprisingly it just took a maximum of 25 minutes from the City centre to get there. The roads are completely smooth and clear thanks to the super highways our good friends in China have been working on. Anyway, as we approach the entrance we are welcomed by a wooden sign board to a neat and manicured enclosure that is the parking lot. It is quite spacious, ideal for those who like to travel in packs or those who despise the ‘merry-go-rounds’ of looking for simple parking.

The overall look of the restaurant is impressive. Owned by a Dutch and Kenyan couple, these two pumped up the 85 capacity space with their unique personal designs and layout to merge a mixture that is both cottage and modern like. It reminded me of a holiday gateway despite the fact that we were still within the city. The restaurant’s manager Mutua excitedly ushers us in and gives us an option of either the breezy outside or the well decorated and warm interior. Preferring to not waste the warm and recently elusive sun, we opted for the outside and did not regret. Plush comfortable cushions to press your back on, green and fresh surroundings that make you want to take your shoes off and of course a cool shade over our heads from the grass thatched parasol made the experience count. The waiters are quite helpful and efficient and our orders are taken down immediately we are settled in. A glass of rosé wine we ordered sets the mood and completes the whole ‘vacation in town picture’.


Though the name Aladdin stereotypically suggests that the food might be Arabic, the menu is made up of a mixture of continental as well as signature dishes. To start off, try the Dutch Potato salad made of boiled diced potatoes mixed with carrots, chicken, garden peas and salad dressing or the Crayfish cocktail served with lettuce and a thousand island sauces. It was absolutely divine. For mains, sample the delicious Aladdin Chicken cubes with ‘fat’ chips that will make your palate glow or their very large t-bone stake made to your specification that looks as good as it tastes. The prices are a bit on the higher side but the generous portions supplement for that. The ambiance is absolutely terrific and you can always use their warm lounge bar that offers a good selection of beverages and sumptuous bites.

For online bookings please log onto www.eatout.co.ke/Aladdin

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