Taste Awards: Nominees For Chef Of The Year

written by Fred Mwithiga 26th August 2015

In 2013, Chef Marcus Mitchell was crowned Chef of The Year at the Taste Awards. His legacy continues to live on and inspire upcoming chefs and foodies. This year, the title for Chef Of The Year is up for grabs with contenders from the best restaurants and hotels fighting off competition in a bid to be crowned Nairobi’s best chef.

The winner of this category will be picked by the panel of judges and will be unveiled at a glorious ceremony at the dusitD2 on the 31st of August. Who will win? Who will be crowned king of the knives? Lord of the pans? Keep it Yummy as details unfold. Wondering who the nominees are? Here they are!

Taste Awards: Nominees For Chef Of The Year

  • Joseph Anusu, Tamarind
  • Mohsine Korich, Fairview Hotel
  • Roy Kinyua, Nairobi Serena Hotel
  • Doxis Berkris, Fairmont, Norfolk
  • Anton Gasnier, dusitD2

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