A Taste Of The Wild With Fearless Chef Kiran Jethwa

written by Fridah Wanjiku 27th April 2016

Man shall not live on bread alone, as Chef Kiran Jethwa puts it. His job is to work with and sometimes against nature to bring the most exotic tastes nature has to offer your palate. Kiran describes himself simply as a chef and a restaurateur. Kiran owns Seven Seafood and Grill restaurant where sea food reigns. However, one can’t help but wonder how he got the coveted title, Fearless Chef. We met with him at his home in Nairobi where he delved more into his life as the Fearless Chef.

Taste of the Wild With Fearless Chef, Kiran Jethwa

Image: http://www.dstv.com/

To see more of what Kiran is willing to do for the love of food and adventure, don’t miss Fearless Chef on Tuesdays 20:05 on Nat Geo, DSTv Channel 182.

Kiran’s excitement about Fearless Chef is uncontained. Some of the destinations he has visited include Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Mozambique and Peru, among other exotic locations. From these gastronomical adventures, he has collected recipes, unique ingredients and unique keeps that he would like to share with us. Watch and be amazed!



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