Tembea Baharini

written by Michelle Slater 12th March 2016

With the Easter break just around the corner, the likelihood is that many of you will be shutting down your laptops, whipping out your swimsuits and heading down to the coast for some much needed relaxation, and of course, a little indulgence.

While the azure Indian Ocean, white sandy beaches, towering palm trees and breathtaking sunsets are enough to attract anyone to the coast, we at Yummy unsurprisingly find ourselves drawn mostly to the food. Swahili cuisine encapsulates our coastline’s rich heritage with roots in both Arabic and Indian culture. This is most evident in the vibrant colours, hypnotic aromas and exotic spices which all tie in beautifully with the tropical surroundings. All of this combined with a fresh selection of seafood caught daily by the local fishermen definitely makes it a seafood lover’s paradise.

There is certainly no shortage of beautiful resorts, villas or even laid-back backpackers hostels to stay in. With all your needs covered in one location, it is often easy to end up hibernating at your accommodation of choice. There is however so much to see, do and eat that you owe it to yourself to step outside your comfort zone and explore. This month we eat our way through our coastline, right from Lamu to Zanzibar, and hope that our tales will serve as inspiration for you to try something new. Each of the restaurants listed on page 20 offer authentic local dishes with their individual unique flair- coupled with just the right ambiance- and if accompanied by one of the classic sunny cocktails on page 48, your Easter is bound to be a memorable one.


We have also got you covered with our rundown of mouthwatering Swahili street food, right from the ever popular madafu and mahamri to the sweet and nutty Kashata and the highly addictive flash fried cassava crisps found at places like the Iconic Lighthouse in Old Town, Mombasa. On page 28, the Indian Ocean Oyster Company debunks several myths behind oysters and insists that indulging in these succulent mollusks need not only be a preserve of the wealthy. Did you know that you can buy a jar full of oysters on the beach in Mombasa for as little as Ksh 100?

We know you love recipes, and this month they are served fresh and piping hot from Chef Gabriel’s kitchen at the wondrous Tamarind Dhow, Mombasa. Flip over to page 32 to learn his secrets to making crab claws, a seafood casserole and tiramisu. Finally, one of my favourite articles this issue is by wife and mother of two, Katrina ole-MoiYoi. Her amusing account of a recent trip to Lamu juxtaposed with tidbits of her demanding children is hilarious and will resonate with the many of you brave souls that will be traveling with your young ones this Easter; page 36.

I wish you all a restful Easter break, a full belly and for those travelling, an inner glow that can only be acquired when one truly gives in to the magic of our coast.


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