The Art of Tabling

written by Yummy Team 20th December 2018

It’s the time of the year when meals become exquisite presentations. Tables aren’t just tables anymore, they’re art. To celebrate this and give you some helpful tips on how you can make your tables at home epic, we’ve featured 3 spots that have impressed us the most.

Sankara, Westlands:

Photography by: William Namuks & Patrick Gitau

Zen Garden, Spring Valley:

Photography by: William Namuks & Patrick Gitau

Boho Eatery, Karen

Photography by: William Namuks & Patrick Gitau


Quick tabling tips:

Mix and match: Don’t have a 56 piece dinner set? Don’t fret! Mixing and matching crockery can achieve an elegant and composed look while adding a bold and eclectic flair to your table.

Iron and copper dishes at Sankara

Think 3D: Add drama and interest to your food with your choice of serving dishes. Serve food on cake stands, place platters on wooden blocks and use different textured and coloured plates and platters such as wooden boards and natural slate/mazeras mixed in with your china.

Antler stand at Boho Eatery



Lighting: Candles are perfect for adding an immediate feeling of warmth to any occasion and can heighten the sense of celebration. We love the 15 hr candles from White Elephant KE.

Gold-rimmed glasses and candles at Zen Garden


  • DIY hack: Tying cinnamon sticks around a candle of roughly the same height fills your home with that quintessential holiday fragrance.

Keep fresh: Fruits are a beautiful way to add seasonal colour to the table while also being part of the feast. We especially like citruses, grapes, pomegranates & figs.

  • DIY hack: Fruits studded with spices and packed around a candle impart the most gorgeous, heady holiday fragrance

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