The Art of: The Chocolate Egg

written by Sanaa Jabeen 16th April 2019

Chocolate is a celebration for all events. Easter, Christmas, a Friday night. Chocolate is an all day, every day celebration. But chocolate eggs? Those are Easter treats. Step back Christmas, this one you cannot have. Delicious chocolate shaped like eggs (Eggs that we would never eat raw), what’s not to love? It’s the season when we know we can indulge in chocolate, no guilt, no explanations. Better yet, it’s a religious holiday and no one is going to question that. Here’s to the chocolate egg, indulgent guilt, covered in innocence.  


Sweet Art Chocolate

Available at the whisky shop at Lavington mall, Carnivore duka, Karen provision stores, Le Decanter and Pink skink.


Absolute Chocolate

Available at Village Market and at Greenspoon.

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