The Best Hamburger Pairings

written by Yummy Team 27th May 2019

We’re excited about burgers in this dreary weather because

1)we enjoy good gourmet burgers

2)May 28th 2019 is International Hamburger Day.

Burgers are simple meals that you can tear into without necessarily any pairings but we thought we would have a go at figuring out different sides and drinks that would go well with our favourite burgers. Here are a couple of pairing ideas for you to try out with your meaty/ veggie burger.

Photography by Sheknows.com

Onion rings

This is the default, isn’t it? If you don’t like potatoes but still want something with a crunch then onion rings are the way to go. Whether you place them inside or on top of your burger, they accentuate the taste of the beef and the salad present in the burger. International Hamburger Day is the best excuse to have as many onion rings as you’d love.



Photography by Friendlyrestaurants.com


This is a no-brainer. It’s the perfect burger pairing especially when you want to have a hearty meal. This is the dinner you’ve been craving for in the last few days and in honour of International Hamburger Day, we’re giving you the permission to order or prepare this. Your guilt-free cheat day is here!



Photography by Newsday


You know what’s even better, a craft beer with a burger! It’s the perfect way to celebrate International Hamburger Day. Beer has its advantages to the body so don’t worry too much about the sumptuous cheese-filled burger you’re about to have.




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We were definitely going to mention wine at some point. Sierra is an awesome place you can head to for your burger and wine pairing. If you decide to make a burger at home, just make sure you have your Cabernet in hand, it goes well with the cheese in your burger.




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Just like fries, milkshakes are almost a staple when you’re having burgers. Urban Gourmet has some of the best burgers in town so order one with say, a vanilla milkshake and be ready for a delightful gastronomical journey. This burger pairing is one of the best.




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An odd choice right? Drinking on an empty stomach is never a good idea so here’s another burger pairing. A strong bourbon will go great with a burger. Better yet, have it as a cocktail and then have your burger. Have you tried this burger pairing?



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