The Best Japanese Restaurants In Nairobi

written by Yoga David 15th July 2019

Nairobi is a place with serious Japanese food and authentic Japanese restaurants, amazing sushi temples and lively Teppanyakis all battling for your chopsticks’ attention.

In fact, some of the best Nairobi restaurants are Japanese restaurants; it is a place where you are presided over by skilled sushi and Teppanyaki masters.

Whether you’re seeking a place that serves the best of Japanese cuisines, these are the best Japanese restaurants in Nairobi

Furusato Japanese

Our Pick For Asian Restaurants In Westlands

Furusato is the hometown of the best Japanese cuisine. They offer friendly service and quality food that will make your dining experience unforgettable. They specialise in real Japanese food; Sushi, Sashimi, and Teppanyaki among others, where our chefs excel.

Location: Ring Road, Parklands 



Haru Sushi and Shabu restaurant is located in the Karen Professional Centre. Haru’s food is always beautifully presented with really fresh sushi, sashimi and tempura being their speciality.

The Phoenician Westlands

phoenician (26)

The Phoenician is a fabulous restaurant, which serves sushi, Lebanese and Teppanyaki courses, in an Alfresco atmosphere at Westlands. The Phoenician has a delightful ambience; children’s play area and good service.

Location: Matundu Lane, Westlands


Top Chinese Restaurants in Nairobi

The elegant Bamboo restaurant at Zen Garden offers traditional and modern Chinese, Japanese and oriental menus in a large open plan restaurant.

Location: Lower Kabete Road, Spring Valley 

Misono Japanese Restaurant



Misono is a Japanese restaurant, which offers an authentic Japanese atmosphere, complete with spacious a la carte tables upstairs; large Teppanyaki grills with skilled chefs that cook exclusively to suit any taste and bar service downstairs.

Location: Greenhouse Mall, Ngong Road

The Sushi Bar

shushi bar

Situated at the Mukutan Garden Café, Fairview’s Sushi Bar is without a doubt the best place in Upper Hill (perhaps all of Nairobi) for Nairobi’s freshest Sushi.

Location: Bishop road, Nairobi 

Tokyo Restaurant

Tokyo remains a family-themed restaurant at heart, with a dedication to quality sushi and Japanese cuisine and attention to detail. They have Teppanyaki stations, outdoor seating and a Tadami. For undeniably authentic Japanese treats: Ginseng Wine and Haresake, this is your place.

Location: Kolloh Road, Lavington 

Cheka Izakaya

Izakaya restaurant will you keep relaxed and indulged in a high level Japanese fine dining experience. This is the place to be for fresh sashimi, tasty pork cutlets and salmon sushi. The ramen here is probably the best you’ll have.

Location: 101 Manyani East Road, off Waiyaki Way 


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Renee 30th August 2014 - 4:42 AM

It would be really useful if you included addresses for ALL restaurants. For example you have mentioned the new (old) Phoenician restaurant in Westlands many times but you don’t say WHERE in Westlands it is! Please advise.

Yoga David 30th August 2014 - 2:14 PM

Hi Renee sorry for not including the addresses i’ll amend accordingly, Phoenician is located at Matundu lane off School lane in Westlands


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