The elegance of Brunch: A review of Sankara Hotel

written by Sanaa Mughal 23rd November 2018
The elegance of Brunch: A review of Sankara Hotel

The Sankara team are good at everything- A fact they should be shouting at the top of their roof, but weirdly, they don’t. 

I love breakfast, and not in the ‘Oh I could eat’ way, no, I LOVE breakfast. Sleepy-eyed people coming together, breads with various toppings and hot drinks meant to warm you up from your head to your toes, I really do love breakfast. My only regret, ever since I was young was that there was only one proposed time in the day assigned to this gloriousness. It never seemed fair- Since breakfast was so innocent and free, don’t we, in these tumultuous times deserve a little knight in shining armour dressed as a croissant? I guess this is what made Ramadhan my favourite time of the year, waking up at 4 AM to watch my mother make her famous parothas for me. The fact that I could enjoy my breakfast in the middle of the night? Nothing can match that. 

Enter Brunch. A trend that has been sweeping Nairobi so aggressively it’s almost overwhelming. I’ve watched too many American shows to be familiar with the concept and the elegance that is brunch and have happily dragged myself many a time to restaurants all over for this beautiful thing called Brunch. A combination of breakfast meals with the highlight of alcohol and more meat than expected. Heaven indeed. But with so many options, brunch blurred together. Sure, most places have something unique that brings out the excitement, but I must confess, I grew quite tired of brunch. I found myself missing my mother’s cooking more. 

Then Sankara’s Sunday brunch happened. On a beautiful, rainy Sunday my fiance and I decided to give Sankara a visit. It was a beautiful experience, walking to the first floor of the gorgeous hotel. A huge walkway where I was welcomed by a table of champagne. If that didn’t set the tone, I don’t think anything else would. We were greeted by a gracious host called Sharon, who was polite and took us through a whole tour of the brunch- It was a walking brunch where we walk room from room, jumping from salad, cheese platters, breads of all kind, hot meals, sushi, waffles and pancakes and of course, dessert. Read that sentence again and again and if you feel overwhelmed, you would be right. 

It was a thing to behold. 

Sometimes, options scare me. Thoughts like ‘You seriously can’t be good at everything’ run through my head but this time, this time none of those thoughts showed up. The Sankara team are good at everything- A fact they should be shouting at the top of their roof, but weirdly, they don’t. 

I started my meal with Sparkling Rose, a bubbly of happiness and my favourite moment, a plate full of cheese, cherry tomatoes, pesto coated olives, roasted carrot salad, jam and a slice of delicate rosemary crusted bread. I wish I could say I took my time. I didn’t. 

Round two, mini butter croissants (Goodbye diet), roasted onion dip, cucumbers and more cheese. 

Round 3, champagne. 



Round 4, a quick walk to the Sushi and waffle station. A small plate with vegetable tempura and salmon skin roll with another plate of maple syrup coated waffles, with a side of chocolate dip and two chicken sausages

And finally, round 5. Dessert. The toughest part of the brunch-  I decided to go by instinct. Brownies, marshmallows, chocolate mousse, blueberry tarts and churros. 

Safe to say, I didn’t move for an hour as the rain continued on, setting up a scene that was complete as we finished up our adventure with coffee. 



If you take anything from this article, I hope it’s this:

One, you should at least once spoil yourself at the Sankara brunch. Secondly, if you do go, start with the roasted onion dip, cheese platter and bread. It’ll stay with you perhaps to the point where like me, you’ll want to write it all down. 

To enjoy this amazing brunch, visit Sankara this Sunday for #TheWhiteCapBigBrunch experience and share your visit online with us! 



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