The Green Corner with Suraj Shah

written by Suraj Shah 31st October 2019

Suraj Shah, who is a qualified Permaculture Design Consultant and an enthusiastic gardener (and also manages Herbivore Garden Centre) will be taking over the Green Corner and will be teaching you how to create your perfect edible regenerative kitchen garden incorporated with permaculture principles to give you an abundant harvest of edible herbs, vegetables, flowers and fruit. 

Permaculture stands for Permanent Agriculture, whose principles and ideology is inspired by Mother Nature and how she gardens in the forests. Permaculture is not only sustainable but regenerative, and not only organic but Beyond Organic. It’s about gardening how the forest works. 

Over the next few months in our column Green Corner, Suraj will teach you how to create the perfect soil chemical-free for your garden as well as composting, how to create raised gardening beds & the best strategies for companion planting which he has tried and tested. 

Creating a Permaculture Kitchen Garden is an excellent way to grow your own edibles without destroying, and instead of preserving our soils and creating them into the perfect soil, similar to what we see in our forests. And there is nothing better than harvesting a bunch of vegetables and herbs and then cooking them up into a yummy meal. 

Traditional landscaping, gardening or farming consumes a huge amount of non-renewable resources, while a Permaculture Designed one lets Mother Nature do what she does best. 

Make sure you read the Green Corner in our coming issues to get started with this amazing Holistic way of gardening! 


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