The Iconic Coca-Cola Bottle Set To Turn 100

written by Winnie Wangui 9th July 2015

Coca-Cola have yet another celebration this year as the uniquely shaped Coca-Cola bottle that carries the world’s most famous soft drink turns 100 years. There will be a year long birthday celebration all around the globe so expect something exciting from them. Created with the unique shape, raw material and color so as to stand out from copycat competition, this bottle is a definite icon that has stood the test of time and the celebration is much deserved.

The soft drink began as a soda fountain beverage in 1886 and to capitalize on its popularity, it was sold in bottles so people could enjoy the drink anywhere. At first brown or clear straight-sided bottles were used, he said. The renowned bottle arose as a means to beat back competitors who gave their beverages similar names to confuse buyers. They then issued a patent for the bottle on November 16 1915.

Coca-Cola bottle


This comes at a time when they just recently had a campaign during the month of Ramadan in the Middle East where Coca-Cola produced  label free cans, sending the message that labels are for cans and not people, encouraging people to be open minded and tolerant.

In honor of the 100th anniversary, Coca-Cola challenged artists, designers an illustrators around the world to re-imagine the vintage coke bottle using only three colors, Coke red, black and white and help imagine the contour of the bottle in the next hundred years. As expected, the challenge dubbed the Mash Up Coke Artworks received overwhelming response with 130 artists from 15 countries with 250 pieces responding.

1915 Vintage Coca-Cola Bottle

1915 Vintage Coca-Cola Bottle (Image:coca-colacompany.com)

1899 Vintage Coca-Cola Bottle

1899 Vintage Coca-Cola Bottle (Image: coca-colacomapany.com)

Pop artist Andy Warhol celebrated the bottle and artist Salvador Dali featured it in a painting while the late Industrial artist Raymond Loewy lauded it as  “the perfect liquid wrapper”

Here’s a video showing inside the Coca-Cola bottle Art Tour in South Africa.



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