The KO Kraft Room: A New Artisanal Retail Space Opens in Nairobi

by Rachael Ndeti

The African Originals brings you the KO Kraft Room. A one-of-a-kind space for an immersive Kenyan Originals experience. Prepare to explore an exclusive sensory and memorable journey.

Sandra Omari, Sebastian Wanzalla & Victor Sika

African Originals, through the Kenyan Originals brand, officially opened the KO Kraft Room on Friday 23rd September. 

“Our curious consumer is always wanting to learn more about how products are made, what ingredients are used and where they are sourced from. The KO Kraft Room has been designed as a space for people to learn more about gin and cider and have fun whilst doing it,” says Alex Chappatte, founder of African Originals.

The retail space, located on the Peppertree Building’s first floor along Waiyaki Way is the brand’s first experience room. Consumers can book a 2-hour product experience, hosted every evening from Wednesdays-Sundays,  where they will learn about gin or cider, enjoy a tasting masterclass, and end by making their own gin or cider to take away. 

Triza Mwendwa & Mwende Ngao

This exceptional space is home to everything people love about the KO brand. The space has a store section that stocks a range of exclusive branded apparel and accessories, including sustainably sourced clothing. Consumers also have access to all Kenyan Originals’ range of products which includes the beloved Kenyan Originals ciders, artisanal gin, iced teas, and flavored tonics. 

Passionate gin and cider lovers can sharpen their knowledge through masterclasses, which are anything but ordinary. In October, the classes are led by Elias, the master distiller, who did the first academic research into making whisky from African grains. The KO Kraft Room is equally fortunate to have Ian on board, the youngest distiller on Kenyan soil. His passion for exploration, product development, and the environment are unmatched. 

Consumers can Make Your Own gin or cider whereby they get the chance to create liquids to match their preferred tastes and scents and bottle their own drinks. Consumers can also take their personalized gin or cider bottle and label home to enjoy with their friends and family. Faith Mbugua, Head of Production for the ciders at Kenyan Originals, assures consumers of quality, stating, “I take my role as a form of art. I am constantly looking to turn what I do into a masterpiece and that’s the excellence you get with our ciders.”

Renée Kamau, Kenyan Originals Head of Marketing, highlighting the remarkable space says, “We are here to spark the craft spirits revolution in Kenya. The KO Kraft Room is a space to learn about the secrets of blending your own craft liquids through immersive storytelling.”

Alex Chapette & Renee Kamau

Guests will have to book and make their way to discover why African Originals put special care and attention to this particular space. 

Consumers can book a visit to the KO Kraft Room online here.

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