The Local Grill brings back the 21 day aged Black Angus special

written by Yummy Team 13th April 2019


The Local Grill, one of the top steak houses in and Kenya, has brought back their famous 21 aged Black Angus special, a guaranteed delight for steak lovers.

The Black Angus is a fairly large and well-built black cow and was first bred in 16th century Scotland for improved beef quality. The breed has high levels of marbling or ‘intra-muscular fat’, which creates a more buttery taste on the steak. Over the generations, the beef from Black Angus has been specifically selected for steaks, which has resulted in a reliable flavour for the consumer. The combination of beefy meat and an evenly distributed marbling makes it a special breed for steaks. Mothers have a strong maternal instinct and their calves grow to be durable cattle in most weather, as well as recording high food conversion rates. All of these factors make it a very popular breed for farmers and steak lovers around the world.




“Local Grill sources all of its beef from the very best farms around and carefully selects our cows individually. Marania Farm in Timau is known to be one of the best beef farms in the country and its climate is revered by its neighbours as being perfect for breeding beef- something the farm has now done for 3 generations. This is the second time we have brought in Black Angus from Marania and, based on the first results, we are very much looking forward to sharing the beef quality with others.” – Kyle Snow from The Local Grill

Make The Local Grill part of your weekend plan and try the Black Angus while stocks last! The Local Grill is located at Village Market. For reservations and more information, call 0757130061

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