The Nairobi Japan Food Festival is Here!

written by Yummy Team 26th April 2019

A typical Japanese meal can be broken down into 4 parts: a staple (which is usually rice), a protein (this could be red or white meat or vegetables), soup and pickled vegetables. The simple presentation, rich and complex flavour profile that Japanese food offers have made it a popular cuisine in Nairobi. For years, foodies of the city have gathered at their favourite East Asian restaurants to enjoy tempura, ramen and sushi with the occasional taste of wasabi.

Now the Nairobi Japan Food Festival has arrived! This festival aims to bring a brand-new culinary experience into Nairobi by integrating Japanese ingredients in Kenyan cuisine. This is evident in the original Japanese-Kenyan fusion recipe that was created by the Executive Chef of Nyama Mama Delta, Mr Lesiamon Sempele, in collaboration with S&B Foods and Yamasa from Japan.

The menu features simple ingredients such as chicken and avocado that a wholly familiar to Kenyans with Japanese flavours such as Yuzu and wasabi infused into them in order to amplify your sensory experience. Head down to Nyama Mama Delta or Nyama Mama Capital Centre between 26th – 28th April to indulge in this menu. However if you can’t make it, pass by Zucchini ABC Place for a free tasting. Either way, you’ll be able to try some version of these delicious fusion meals.




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