A Refreshing drink for the Weekend

written by Jeannette Musembi 10th May 2013

I don’t know about you, but I used to L-O-V-E slushies when I was a kid. In fact, my love of slushies continued well-beyond my childhood, as I have more recent memories of slurping down those sugary drinks in flavours like cola, orange, mountain dew, and more. Those days are done. I don’t consume chemically concocted “food” anymore, and the thought of a slushy no longer holds the appeal it once did.

However, it’s still hotter than hell in most parts of Nairobi, and I’m still trying to find ways to cool down. So I found a healthy, raw, unprocessed version of this treat instead! This Strawmelon and Waterberry Slushy is reminiscent of hot summer days and visits to the store, but without all the refined sugar and processed junk. It’s also dead easy to make.


Skip the shaved ice stand and make your own cool summer treats at home. It’s easy, inexpensive and will keep the kids entertained. You don’t need a special machine to make it work, either. Use your refrigerator’s crushed ice dispenser, your blender or a hammer and a bag of ice cubes. You might want to send the kids outside to enjoy their slushies to minimize the risk of stains and spill.

 slushy Large

Strawmelon and Waterberry Slushy


4 ice cubes, crushed
6 frozen strawberries, hulled, cut in half
2 cups frozen watermelon (seeds removed, cubed)
3/4 cup fresh orange juice (or 3/4 cup calcium-fortified frozen orange juice)
1 tablespoon fresh lime juice
mint leaf (or verbena leaves)
Place all ingredients in blender and blend until smooth.

Smack your lips!

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