The Simba Saloon at Carnivore unveils their new Smirnoff Bar

written by Jeannette Musembi 7th June 2014


Joe Muganda,  Managing Director East African Breweries Ltd-Kenya and Martin Dunford, Tamarind Group’s Chairman, recently teamed up to officially launch the new Smirnoff Bar at Carnivore’s Simba Saloon.

The new bar, which also incorporates a total makeover of Nairobi’ premier nightspot, The Simba Saloon , was designed by O Africa’ s Ojay Hakim, and was opened with a fanfare of music, dance, light, smoke and an enticing array of Smirnoff based cocktails.


No cocktail, however, can rival The Carnivore’s Dawa, which has sold millions since it was introduced to Kenyans by The Carnivore over 30 years ago, and has now become  the goto cocktail in bars  all over East Africa and beyond.

The Carnivore is extremely proud to co-brand with Smirnoff, a world renowned brand and the vital ingredient of The Carnivore Dawa.




Martin Dunford, Tamarind Group's Chairman

Martin Dunford, Tamarind Group’s Chairman

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