The Skyy Mixology Challenge Officially Kicks Off

written by EatOut 3rd August 2013

And so it begins…the search for Kenya’s most talented mixologist kicks off today at Brew Bistro and Lounge.

Sponsored by EatOut, Brew Bistro and Viva, the bar tenders will battle it out over 5 weekends (This August) in heats of 10 until only the last 5 stand strong!

The winner will then receive an all expense paid trip to Jo’Berg and full training at the Shakers Mixology School AND gets crowned the “SKYY Brand Ambassador” for Kenya.

Rules and Regulation  of the SKYY Mixology Challenge

  1. Three judges  for each round.
  2. Three drink rounds (i) Mixology (ii) flair (iii) speed
  3. The competitors must use the three SKYY brands in their cocktails. ! SKYY classic and 2 SKYY Infusions.
  4. They don’t need to use all three together, but need to show they have used all three products in the drinks somewhere
  5. They cant use any other alcohol expect SKYY.
  6. They cant use added perseverates, e.g.: syrups or homemade mixes only what is detailed in the approved list of garnishes , herbs, spices and mixers.
  7. They need to make 3 drinks for 3 judges exactly the same , 3 times, for each round, hence a total of 9 drinks at the end of their rounds.
  8. For the mixology round they need to explain to judges the inspiration behind their cocktail, product knowledge, personality and mixology skill.
  9. For the Flair round, they need to show off skills and ticks and use of the product. This is their time to wow the judges.

10. For the speed round they have under 2.5 minutes to make their cocktail.

11. For rounds 1 and 2 they have 7 minutes to make the cocktails.

  1. 12.  The judges will have a criteria scorecard and be looking for the following out of a score of 5:

(a) Presentation (b)taste (c)Hygine (d) flair (e)speed (f)product knowledge (g)personality (h)use of products infusions and classic SKYY that its been used in the drinks throughout the competition (i)creativity (j) uniqueness.

All the best to the 50 contestants! We will be updating you as the weeks go by.Keep it on our Facebook and Twitter Pages.

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