The Steak Out-A Cook Out Experience with Chef Raphael

written by Chef Raphael 8th October 2012

There’s a new event that is cooking up a storm and proving to be the next big thing. Over the past weekend(6th Oct) I hosted a group of my fans at the Evergreen Park along Kiambu Road. It was a fun time filled with food prepared on site with my pal Chef Kev and by the end of the day everyone who made it was asking “when is the next one,Chef Raphael”
The event is intended to bring together foodies and have a cooking session together as they learn a few tricks and recipes from myself and chefs I will be bringing on board. Here are scenes from what transpired. The next one will be in December, hope to see you then.

Meat balls

BBQ Pork Ribs

Chef Raphael at work

Rosemary Chicken

Colourful isn’t it?

It’s service time!

First catch of the day

Late evening catch

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