Time to Lick Your Lips! Here are Top 6 Ice Cream Parlours

written by Anthony Mbugua 11th July 2019

We know the weather is undecided but that shouldn’t stop us from enjoying ice cream at our favourite parlours. The fact that there are warm hours during the day is the very reason why we should take advantage of the sun when it comes out. Ice cream parlours have been a thing in the country for a while and we love them for serving us delicious flavours (and big scoops!).

Temptations Gelateria

You haven’t lived until you’ve tried gelato at Temptations Gelateria. It is smooth, sweet with a slow-to-melt buttery taste that will leave you coming back for more. This is the kind of ice cream treat you want to give yourself when you’re craving good ice cream. Their flavours will also keep you going back to this ice cream parlour.

Location: Amani Plaza, Parklands 





Mambo Gelato

Gelato is actually the Italian word for ice cream. Surprised? You shouldn’t, they’re quite the culinary experts. So why not enjoy your gelato from the experts and the originators of the word itself? The weekend should find you enjoying the avocado oil and pink peppercorn gelato at this ice cream parlour. We’re hopeful Sunday will be sunny enough for some ice cream.

Location: Village Market





Mambo Italia

Does having lasagne or steak panini and cleansing your palate with ice cream sound like a plan? You know it sure does. Their ice cream is also deliciously top-notch given the fact that they also run Mambo Gelato. You will probably come back here more times than you should in a week.                                                                                                           


Location: Rivaan Centre (Westlands), Garden City Mall, Lavington 



Fior di Latte

We get it, you want to spoil yourself (and your family and friends) but at the same time, your mind’s going like, “these calories are way too many.” It’s time for you to enjoy some guilt-free ice cream at the Fior di Latte parlour. Not only do they have amazing ice cream (think Italian sorbets), but their ice cream has way less sugar and calories. Still not convinced? You should know they have a farm where they source all their ingredients from.

Location: Lavington Mall 






Sno Cream

They’re not just one of the best ice cream parlours around, they are affordable and they’ve got the credential to back it up. Guess what, they’re the oldest ice cream spot in Kenya and Africa by extension. So imagine they’ve maintained their quality since 1952. That speaks volumes about their quality of ice cream and service they offer. Have you put this spot in your calendar yet?

Location: Capital Centre (Mombasa Road), Monrovia Street Nairobi, One Stop Arcade, Karen





Tiramisu Restaurant

Okay, before we proceed, let’s all agree that the name already sounds edible enough. Don’t lie, we’re sure tiramisu pastries have popped up in your mind at the mention of this. Pastries are their thing but you will love their ice cream as well. It’s the perfect balance between creamy and sweet and perhaps you will find comfort in the fact that they’re a dessert cafe so they know how to treat their sweet tooth clients.


Location: Village Market


Honourable Mentions

Milano Ice cream- If you’re in the CBD on a hot sunny day, head to Kaunda Street for some ice cream courtesy of Milano. Sweet and affordable is their unbeatable combination.

Cold Stone Creamery- We have all been here and we know they also have quality ice cream. Go and enjoy your scoop at any one of their locations within Nairobi (Fortis Tower, Westlands) or Mombasa (City Mall).

Creamy Inn- Roadtrips have always found us stopping at specific spots for food and ice cream is no different. Creamy Inn is a favourite for many and they have arguably, the highest number of ice cream outlets in the country.

What is your favourite ice cream spot?


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