The Ultimate Burger Challenge KE- Susan Wong of Capital FM Battles it Out with Mikul Shah of Eat Out

written by Jeannette Musembi 13th May 2013


So probably if you’re a big fan of the Brew Bistro and Lounge you’ll know that they have been running a series of fun and exciting events over the past few months. From the annual Oktoberfest Beer Fest to Moet Champagne Nights all the way to Cooking classes with renown Chef among other cool stuff, they sure know how to kick it up a notch.

Anyway, the latest sensation that Brew has introduced  in town is the BOYB (Build Your Own Burger Challenge). Happening every Tuesday from 7pm, participants are allowed to follow these 7 simple steps:

Step 1 Choose your burger
Step 2 Choose your temperature
Step 3 Choose your ‘cheese selection’
Step 4 Choose your toppings
Step 5 Choose your ‘premium toppings’
Step 6 Choose your sauce(s)
Step 7 Choose a side(s) 

Of course there is a sheet to guide you through the process if you got lost at ‘temperature’ like I did the first time i read through.

To make the BOYB Challenge a bit fun, they introduced the  BYOB Foot-Tall Burger Challenge. Wondering what are the rules this time? Simple…just as below:

1 massive foot-tall beef burger with: 5 beef patties
Weighing over 1.5Kg of premium minced beef, ALL 40 toppings, two huge burger buns, a cone full of hand cut fries and a pitcher of beer all for 5000 KES

The customer has 60 minutes to finish the burger, fries & the pitcher of BIG5 beer

IF they finish on time, they win a ‘Brew Bistro Hamper’ (Beer Mug, Packet of Coffee, branded pen, branded bottle opener, a voucher for 5000 KES and a Beer Miles Platinum Card) and the burger, fires and pitcher will be on Brew


If the customer (he/she) does not finish the burger; then they pay 5,000 KES for the Burger, Fries and Beer Pitcher

ONLY 1 burger challenge is allowed every Tuesday!

So here’s the catch, Eat Out Kenya accepts the Challenge, but a challenge is not one if we don’t have a competitor…So thats why we decided to make this even more interesting.

Resident food writer Susan Wong from Capital FM has stepped up to challenge Mikul Shah,founder, Eat Out Kenya for the BOYB challenge: 1hr, 1 kick-ass burger, 2 contestants but only 1 winner.

We know that Susan, as tiny as she is, did not earn the title ”passionate foodie” for nothing. She has done myriads of food reviews around the country which can be read on the Capital FM Lifestyle Website and has even travelled to as far as Paris for a week-long culinary adventure. I have personally seen the extent of her healthy appetite and still surprised at how such a tiny person could mercilessly devour a platter full of crab. (details witheld purposefully). Her travels and food ‘escapades’ should give her a bit of an advantage over her competitor. Also she is quite a fearless soul… (I don’t know whether that’s good or bad)…

As for Mikul Shah, the techie and foodie at heart, does run one of the most successful online ventures (Eat Out Kenya) -an online restaurant guide- and is constantly into contact with food (as is well and stereotypically assumed). So naturally having a fun title behind the name (like Burger King)..will enhance his credibility in the hospitality industry (hehe!). Plus this is a chance to see him in a relaxed atmosphere, wolfing down chunks of cheese and beef and not gingerly talking to Safaricom’s CEO Bob Collymore in one of his many official businesses…(our Facebook Fans will understand the pun). I think his calculating abilities will save him on this one. Again, i say out of experience. He is quite the schemer.

It’s happening tomorrow (Tuesday 14th May 2013) and we definitely don’t know how it will end up. Finishing up 1.5kgs of burger in under 1hr is not as easy feat. Will there be survivors?

But as they say, Let the Best Man Win. Or in this case…Lady.

Would you like to place your bet? Are you rooting for Team Mikul Shah or Team Susan Wong? You can do so in the comment section below. Correct prediction will be highlighted on our Facebook Page!

The twitter tag to follow is #BurgerChallengeKE


Burger Challenge

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