The Ultimate Guide to Fast Food Joints

written by Anthony Mbugua 6th June 2019

On cheat days, we head straight to fast food joints and order the tastiest meals. Can you hear the fries and chicken calling out your name and telling you not to prepare dinner tonight? After a lit night, your pals are considering hitting the fast food joint before heading home and you’re thanking the heavens because you know you’re famished. Oh, where would the world be without these food joints? We did you one better by compiling both local and international fast food joints just for you. Don’t thank us, you’re welcome.

Local Joints


At one point, we’ve all been to McFrys. Their fries are undeniably good, the type to leave you craving more. They will impress by how quickly you get served and how affordable they are. You won’t walk or drive for too long within Nairobi without spotting a McFrys.



Sonford Fish and Chips

The Nairobi CBD basically houses the Sonford Fish and Chips fast food chains because they are quite a number. What makes them quite popular is because they’re accessible almost throughout the night. Yes, you don’t have to worry about what to eat on the lit weekends, they’ve got you covered.



Big Square Kenya

Be warned, this place is full of addictive barbeque ribs. This joint has grown to be one of the most popular in Nairobi serving nothing but great food. Their burgers and fried chicken are irresistible.





Shawarma Express

Finger-licking shawarmas anyone? Shawarmas have almost become a staple in the Kenyan fast food dining and this place is ensuring the culture lives on. You won’t regret getting your shawarma here.




Burger Hut

They’re known as the legendary burger masters and one of the first food joints to ever make Nairobians fall in love with burgers. They have ultra greasy burgers with luscious beef that just oozes deliciousness. The perfect place to head for your cheat day without feeling an ounce of guilt.



International Joints


Innscor Kenya

Did you ever take your date to Pizza Inn? Be honest, has your date ever taken you to Creamy Inn? The Innscor Kenya brands that are Pizza Inn, Galito’s and Creamy Inn have come to be well-known as the go-to fast food joints around the country.







This is the Kenyan company that runs the South African franchises of Steers, Debonairs Pizza and Ocean Basket. Debonairs Pizza is where you go with family for all those pocket-friendly deals and amazing pizza. Steers has also been a staple ever since we were young and they still have us hooked.



Snack Attack

Oh, my word, the portion of fries you get here! We need to advise you to proceed with caution if you’re on a full stomach because you won’t be able to leave the joint, you’ll be too full. This UAE fast food franchise offers you fries you won’t say no to with exotic toppings and speciality fries as well.






Do you guys remember the queue that was there when they made their entry in Kenya? Their chicken wings are to die for. The number of ‘Streetwise’ and burgers that some of you have had from KFC are enough to fill up one of their restaurants. Don’t deny it, their spicy chicken wings must be the food you deserve.



Pizza Hut

Life is always better with a slice of pizza and Pizza Hut knows that. After an awesome movie at Westgate cinema, you will be doing yourself a favour by heading down to the Pizza Hut over there. They are also an international franchise based in the U.S.




Burger King

The mighty King when it comes to burgers is Burger King. Your burger will also go well with a milkshake here. The U.S franchise has become popular with burgers around Nairobi and we’re glad they opened their doors to us. What would we have on lazy Sunday afternoons if not Burger King burgers?




Two Rivers has many offerings and one of them is this fast food burger chain with its roots in the U.S. Here, they make sure you eat your burger like you mean it by combining all the perfect ingredients for a sumptuously good burger. Chargrilled burgers have a home.





Yeah, come this way to Subway. They’ve got tasty toasty sandwiches which also include tandoori paneer. This is where you go for a quick sub fix after work. Giant subs should be on your order if you’re famished so head to this American franchise and eat to your filling.





Are there any fast food outlets we’ve left out?

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