Things To Thank Your Dad For This Father’s Day

written by Winnie Wangui 16th June 2015

Not all of us are privileged to have a dad who is actively involved in our lives who does everything he can to make sure his kids have the best life he can possibly give them. When it comes to appreciating dad, we almost forget that he too made sacrifices and worked hard to raise us to the people we are today, and there are things only he used to do for us while growing up that we never thanked him for.

Whether your dad is the type that rarely has much to say and spends his evenings catching up on the latest news or he is the cool dad who takes you out for shopping and makes dinner for the family once in a while, we need to appreciate our dads and let them know we are grateful for everything he sacrificed to give us the lives we’ve had.

Sunday is Father’s Day and here’s a few things you could thank your father for on this day.

Dear Dad, Thank you:

1. For marrying mum

If this didn’t happen you wouldn’t exist right? So thank him for choosing that lovely lady to be your mum so many years ago; after all they still make a great couple and inspire you to want to have what they have when your time comes. Thank him for choosing the best woman to be your mum.

2. For protecting you

Things to thank your dad for this Father's Day

Many a time when growing up, dad worked late and would come home, while you are asleep but am sure you remember those nights when you felt a little bit worried. You would wonder who would fight the bad guys if they decided to raid your house. Thank him for making a safe home for you that even when he was working late, he knew his precious family would still be alright.

3. For valuing your education and putting you in a good school

Thank your dad for valuing your Education

Am sure everyone can relate to this one. Whenever the results of the latest exams were out, no matter how proud you are of yourself and your grade, Dad’s opinion determined whether you did great or not. And didn’t you just love it when he was happy with your grade and said, “Way to go, now make sure next time you top that grade eh?” Woe unto you if you get a less grade in the next exam. Thank him for if he had not done this, you wouldn’t have learnt to push yourself to achieve more.

4. For disciplining you when you needed it

When you got into bad company and mum told you time and time again to stop hanging out with those friends and you wouldn’t listen, when she had had enough, all she would do was to tell your father and you would be in for a good lecture and that’s all you needed to ditch the bad company. Thank dad for his strict ways for that is what made you learn more about the different types of people.

5. For giving you sound advice

Fatherly Advice

There are those situations where you were stuck and did not know what to do and dad always knew what you should do. Thank him for all the advice he gave you and all the right decisions he helped you make and for not saying ‘I told you so,’ when you did contrary to his advice.

6. For teaching you to always do the right thing no matter how hard it is

Things to thank your dad for this Father's Day

It was dad who taught you the importance of doing the right thing. He kept you from doing things for selfish reasons and somehow gave your conscience life. Am sure you intend to pass this along to your little one when you become a parent.

And for all those other things you remember he did for you, make sure you thank him in a major way. Am sure this will melt his heart, seeing his precious child appreciating all his efforts. After all you have the best dad anyone could ever wish for.

7. For taking you to fine restaurants

There’s a thing dad has for nice restaurants and he just knew which restaurants have great food. Am sure he took you to a number of them, introducing you to fancy food and the world of fine dining. Thanks to him, you discovered creative ways of preparing food and you are now a foodie. Hey he probably even taught you how to use a fork and knife and the different types of spoons and their different uses.

THings to thank your father for this Father's Day

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