Tips On How To Order Wine Like A Pro

written by Mary Mahinda 15th April 2015

Tips On How To Order Wine Like A Pro

Wine tasting and pairing events have increased in number over the years in an effort to grow the wine culture in Kenya. Those drawn in get to learn all sorts of fascinating information about wine as well as how and what to pair it with. As many as these events are, not everyone gets a chance to attend thus we still look clueless when ordering that glass of wine after a long day or on that very important date where we really need to impress. Here is a simple guide to help you order wine like a pro;

1. Ask For Help;

Do not be afraid to ask the server/waiter for help in choosing the right wine. Chances are they know more than you do about wine and are more than willing to help you and a few other choose something from the wine menu.

2. HaveĀ  A Budget;

Before heading out for that meet up, have an idea of how much you are willing to spend depending on the importance of the meeting at hand. If it is a group of friends who probably don’t know A from B where wine is concerned, then you can go easy on the budget and vice versa if you are looking to impress.

3. Use Your Words;

Use words you are familiar with to describe to the sommelier exactly what you are looking for. Try descriptive words such as fruity, light, sweet or spicy as this will make it a lot easier for them to figure out what you want.

4. Be Open Minded;

Be open to trying something new especially if you are eating out. You might be surprised to get something better than what you had in mind.

5. Always Taste Before Buying;

If you decide to buy wine by the bottle, make sure you taste it first before making the purchase to avoid being stuck with a bottle of wine which neither you nor your mates will enjoy.

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