Tips For Throwing The Best Birthday Party for Adults

written by Winnie Wangui 23rd September 2015

Throwing a party can be a daunting task even more when its a surprise party. When organizing a birthday party, getting people together and making sure the birthday person really does get surprised can be quite challenging especially if they are the type of people who are hard to surprise. There are lots of things to remember, and to do and it can get really crazy.

Tips for Throwing the best birthday party

Birthday parties are meant to be memorable not only for the one having the birthday, but also for those attending the party. The organizer has to come up with awesome party ideas that you and your friends will be talking about days after the party.

Lucky for you, we have come up with tips and tricks that will help you plan a fun birthday party that everyone will live to remember. Do you have a loved one whose birthday is coming up, try these ideas and throw them the best party they’ve ever had.

1. Set the date

The most ideal date to set a party is the weekend. Most people have time during the weekend so they will be available. You could choose either the weekend before the birthday or the one after, in case the birthday lands on an inconvenient weekday.

2. Pick the venue

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The venue will be determined by various aspects. If the party is supposed to be intimate with friends and family you can host it in one of the guest’s houses or the birthday person’s house. If you want something more casual with a lot of entertainment you can host it in a restaurant or an events space in a hotel or a bar.

3. Set a theme (optional)

You could customize a theme depending on some of the honoree’s favourite things, for example a karaoke themed party for the aspiring singer, a 60’s or 80’s theme for one who appreciates style, and many others. This is however optional because guests may feel uncomfortable if you select theme they wouldn’t appreciate.

4. Set the guest list

Tips for Throwing the best birthday party

Build a guest list of people who you want to attend the party so that you don’t forget anyone. Be sure to mix up different types of people since guests can make or break a party. Invite a few people who know how to have a good time. Make sure the close friends of the one having the party check the list to ensure you haven’t forgoten anyone and also to avoid inviting people who are not friends of the honoree to avoid making them uncomfortable

5. Have a budget

Have a set budget so that you don’t end up spending too much. Plan for a number of people and a location that the budget can accommodate.

6. Decide what type of party it will be

Tips for Throwing the best birthday party

This can be decided according to the personality of the honouree. If they like spending time outdoors in the afternoon, fire up the grill and have a barbecue party. If they are introverts and don’t like too much attention, you can plan an intimate dinner party, or a dance party for the party lovers.

7. Plan the food menu

Tips for Throwing the best birthday party

A buffet is one of the easiest and most popular method of serving food, especially if the guests are being hosted at home or at a restaurant. Be sure to keep the menu as simple as possible and don’t be afraid to ask for help from friends in food preparation. Consider the guest of honor’s favorite foods but also ensure the food suits the type of party you are hosting. You could also consider catering if you find preparing the food to be a bit too much. However, make sure the cost of the catering doesn’t take up too much of the allocated budget

8. Get great entertainment

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If you have done a good job selecting guests, then the party will be buzzing with sounds of conversations and laughter. Before the party, scour through the birthday person’s favourite songs and artists and play them throughout the night. Make sure you encourage dancing among the guests to get people to have some fun. In case the party slows down, have some back-up party games you can play to keep the excitement going.

9. Plan the drinks menu

Tips for Throwing the best birthday party

Set up a bar with a variety of liquors, mixers, beers and wines. For guests who don’t take alcohol provide soft drinks such as sodas, mocktails and juices. Be sure your liquor collection doesn’t miss whiskey, scotch. tequila, vodka, rum and gin. The mixers collection should include sodas, tonic water and some juices. There are also some easy cocktail recipes you can pull off for a party

10. Get a birthday cake

Tips for Throwing the best birthday party

A birthday cannot be complete without a birthday cake so be sure to bake or order the honoree’s favourite cake. Get the most suitable size so that everyone gets a piece. Don’t forget to take pictures!

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