Tokyo Restaurant opening in Lavington

written by Cynthia Nyabola 3rd September 2014

Tokyo Restaurant is soon opening for business in Lavington! Having started up around 2000, initially in Westlands, then Village Market and most recently Karen, they have now set themselves up at their newest location on Kolloh Road, Lavington.

table setting

Repeat Tokyo diners won’t be disappointed to find only improvements on the original, organic, wood finishings, and new clients are sure to be excited by the intricate marriage between a modern, and traditional ambiance. Everyone is guaranteed to notice the warm, sleek, and the artful touches of furniture, and decor.

awesome decor objects


outdoor seating

garden seating

Despite the exciting move, Tokyo restaurant remains a family-themed establishment at heart, and the introduction of a new sushi chef only exhibits their dedication to quality and attention to detail.

Tokyo chefs

They will be offering a new simplified menu that, in addition to great tasting meals at great prices and the inevitable presence of sushi platters with vegetarian options, will also feature Japanese culinary delicacies like Toro and Akami.

avo maki

Apart from the sushi bar, there will be: seating for  a la carte dishes (great for business lunches), the Tadami (private Japanese dining room), the Teppanyaki (live Japanese cooking stations), outdoor seating in the garden and soon to open is a karaoke bar!

private room


Also, if you feel like gaining some false confidence before you get on stage there is a new selection of cocktails on offer at the bar, as well as Sake, Soju, and more undeniably authentic Japanese treats: Ginseng Wine and Haresake.


The official opening date is in October. However, in the mean time be sure to pop in to the Tokyo restaurant for a lunch box, a family meal, or just some quiet time to enjoy the airy spaces  that open up to the garden – which is set to feature a playground for the little ones in about a month’s time.

For more information, visit  The Tokyo Japanese Restaurant. Doozo meshiagare!

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