Top 10 “Unhealthy” Foods We Love Anyway

written by Eugene Mburu 17th November 2014

We always tend to overlook the actual value of food. It is not all about the carbs and getting a satisfied belly. Sometimes we just want to silence that craving, cure a sweet tooth or just keep our jaws busy. But we forget that cultivates and invokes a lot more stuff like emotion, good health, positive vibes and even relationships.

And it goes without saying, that man shall not by bread alone and so we here at EatOut have compiled a Top 10 list of foods we are grateful for.

  1. Pizza

This is the ultimate slice of everything that is good with the world. From the bread itself to the vegetables and meaty toppings all drown under a bed of melted cheese. Yes Please!

Fully Loaded Pizza

  1. Cereal

You don’t have to be three years old rocking a bib to enjoy this classic that is mostly meant to be a breakfast quick fix. It can be a snack or really anything you want. I like my cereal soaking in a bath of yogurt with fresh fruit and a drizzle of honey. Go Tell It On The Mountain!

  1. Hotdogs

Never trust people who don’t like hotdogs. Those are the friends all mothers warn us against. You want your hotdog suffocating in a soft thick fresh bun then covered with mustard and a tad bit of ketchup (mostly for colour).

  1. Beef Cheese Burger

It is the king of the junk-le. You can throw in anything and everything on it including the kitchen sink and bath water.  Perfect way to excite your taste buds. I like to dress mine up in crispy lettuce, sautéed onions, tomato relish, melting cheese and some jalapeno discs.

Blue Cheese Beef Burger

  1. Chapati

Is a leavened flat bread originally from India and now a common staple in most Kenyan households. It is like the perfect accessory to any outfit. From stews, to salads, curries, and even soups. You can spread some chutney or jam on it as well and savour it as a stand alone snack.

  1. Samosas

The gods heard us and granted us the sinful leeway to enjoy a deep fried snack with mince meat stuffing and a crispy pastry shell. Do not despair if you are not meatarian, you can have yours with lentils, spinach, potatoes, onions or peas. But whatever the stuffing, make sure it is crispy on the outside and helluva tasty on the inside.

  1. Pasta

Live a little, spaghetti is so last century. Try out some macaroni or tagliatelli cooked aldente and tossed in a creamy sauce, tomato based basil sauce, or a pesto. Sprinkle some crispy bacon bits and voila, you will taste the heavens.

Ribbon Pasta

  1. Chicken Curry

The culmination of authentic Asian flavors in this one pot special that is fragrant, spicy and tasty. Every spoonful is the roller coaster ride through India that you never had.

  1. Ice-cream

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. This is the frozen dessert that tramps all others in the arena. My doctor will definitely not be pleased but I do enjoy my ice cream on cold days as well. Not just on hot afternoons. What can I say, I like living life on the fast lane scooped onto a biscuit cone, or a wafer, or in a cup with fruits, nuts and syrup. Ride or die!

  1. Bacon

You haven’t lived life if you haven’t eaten bacon. There’s something so wrong about it that makes it so damn good. Unfortunately you can’t and will never get enough of it. What initially starts as a bite ends up being a monstrous chugging of this tasty treat.

Bacon On A Plate

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