3 of the Best Graduation Cake Recipes for You To Bake

written by Anthony Mbugua 10th July 2019

Universities, both locally and internationally, will be holding their graduation ceremonies starting this July, August, September and December. Traditionally, graduands have held their own private ceremonies (ahem, parties) as an extension of the institution, inviting their friends and family over. If you have attended enough graduation parties, you know there’s always a cake somewhere. Celebrating what one has accomplished is definitely marked with cake, and popping of champagne. I don’t know where this culture came from but we are here for it.

I haven’t mentioned food because that will be in plenty! For such a memorable day, it’s best to enjoy memorable food, your palate will thank you for it. That’s why we have three of the best graduation cake recipes that will not disappoint. They are flavourful, some with out-of-the-norm ingredients and they are to be enjoyed guilt-free! We’re not counting our calories when we’re at a party, there’s enough time for that afterwards.

The recipes are easy and you can bake them for your graduating pals, yourself (as a pat-on-the-back) or you can share these recipes and graduation cake ideas with your favourite bakery and tell them to create something special for you. Yes, these are different from your usual tassel cakes but totally worth it. Get your tastebuds ready, this will be an exciting bite!

Champagne Cake

Champagne in a cake? Of course! This is the cake that will leave a lasting tasty impression on the guests. Teetotallers will be taken care of and you don’t have to worry about having enough wine for everyone.

Get the recipe: Champagne Cake




Vanilla Raspberry Cake

Fruits are always welcome when it comes to baking and this is the cake you ought to have at graduation. The ingredients are easy to find and it’s easy to bake as well.

Get the recipe: Vanilla Raspberry Cake






Pineapple Orange Cake

What makes this cake so special is how light and moist it is. Thanks to the applesauce that you will use to make it. The ingredients are available at stores like Chandarana Food Plus and Carrefour. You can also enjoy this as a dessert at a different time. Who said you can only have cake at graduation?

Get the recipe: Pineapple Orange Cake





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