TOP 5 Hangover Cures

written by Tahir 19th March 2012

You are not special. There is nothing that sets you apart from anyone – you are privy to the ultimate cause and effect that justifies your humanity, the moment you open your eyes on a Sunday morning. EVERYONE gets a hangover. The hangover is the most powerful thing in the world – it is the only state in which a human will make the most dramatic life altering decisions with out thinking twice. e.g. “I am never drinking AGAIN!!” or  “I need to have a healthier lifestyle.” In that moment you actually think that you WILL go through with it and your life from here onwards will be different and amazing filled with activities you could do during the day.

It’s a lie! The next weekend you are down at the bar contemplating what excuse you are going to give your new found golf buddy – “why you could not make it.” And you wakeup the next morning having drunk dialed your mom the night before and promised to 10 people to join them for lunch today. Here are my Top 5 ways to forget the night before and ease that hangover!!


5. Greasy Food

Have a cheese omelet with brown toast and some kind of grilled meat (Bacon is best)! At this fragile state of existence you need minerals and food that will force you to drink more water. Add some leafy greens for roughage.

4. I’ll have a white coffee without coffee!!

DO NOT DRINK COFFEE!!! It will only make it worse! Just have a glass of milk with some cocoa. Coffee will only dehydrate you further.

3. Have a Bloody Mary

Grab life by the balls and say give me more! While you inject a little more Alcohol, your body will ignore the old alcohol and concentrate on the new. Producing a numbing effect while your body is refreshed with minerals from the tomato juice. What this does is stretch out the pain over a longer period so you don’t notice it.

2. Get REALLY clean!

While you were sleeping, you were sweating A LOT! This dehydrates you and make you feel “icky.”  What you would need to do take a LONG shower. Alternate the water from hot to cold. This helps cool you and breathing in the steam really helps ease the dehydration.

1. Juice, Water and Ice Cream

Get you hands on as much juice and water as you can! With or with out Ice. Or you could make a super hangover juice by mixing cranberry, grapefruit, orange and mango. Then chill by the TV and ease into a bowl of ice cream. Then you will be golden.

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Edwin Waithaka 19th March 2012 - 7:55 PM

I have always said this to my friends but they always looked at me as the evil friend…thanks for proving me correct

Tahir 20th March 2012 - 8:21 AM

Thank you Edwin for the comment. I will be sure to keep it real and down to earth with every post.


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