Top Koroga Joints in Nairobi

written by Winnie Wangui 27th April 2015

Koroga, a Swahili word meaning “mix” is a traditional session where men came together and had a cook-out over drinks as they talked about the latest happenings.  This practice is reputed to have originated from the Indian community and later spread to other communities who enjoy practicing it for the unity and fun it brings.

In Kenya, there are restaurants that have spacious  bandas specifically for people to enjoy Koroga and have good times together. If you are up for some fun with your family, friends or colleagues, all while enjoying some delicious food, a Koroga restaurant  is just the place to be. It is one of those things you will keep talking about for a long time.

Here’s a list of places to create fun Koroga memories and moments.

Azalea Carribea

Azalea Carribea

Set in the quiet Kilimani area, Carribea, sitting on 2 acres, offers spacious Koroga bandas and a loaded Koroga menu.  They also have an open Bacardi bar should you want to wash down the hearty meal with a chilled drink, a garden area, as well as an indoor bar and restaurant.

Dinner Court

Dinner Court

This restaurant boasts of a country atmosphere and serene environment in Parklands, next to Diamond Plaza. Head there to experience Koroga with your family, or sample on their tantalizing Indian Cuisine. This is an ideal spot for a family fun day as they have ample space for children to play.

Mystique Gardens


Mystique Gardens is set in Westlands and offers a tasty multi-cuisine menu. Their spacious bandas can fit large groups of people so a great Koroga experience is guaranteed when you visit this joint.

Spice Roots

Indian cuisine

Specializing in North Indian Cuisine, Spice Roots does not disappoint when it comes to preparing delicacies. Their Koroga bandas will have you heading there every other day to get the full cook-out experience.  Should you want to hang out later for a few drinks, they also have a fully stocked bar and an executive restaurant.

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