Our Top 7 Westlands After-Work Hangouts You Should Visit

written by Katy Fentress 14th March 2018

The ultimate tried and tested list of all the best places to head to in the trendy Westlands area. Whether you have had a long day at the office or simply can’t face the thought of being at home in the evening and would rather be out throwing a few drinks back with your pals, this is your ultimate guide compiled for you by those in the know.

The Alchemist Bar

The most laid-back joint in Westlands, this trendy spot showcases a variety of different music shows six days a week, has a vintage comic book shop, a ‘Made in Kenya’ design outlet and hosts some of the best food trucks our city has to offer. Its Thursday “Backyard Bass” nights are the stuff of legend and the movies screened every Tuesdays are the closes Nairobi gets to having an arthouse cinema.

Artcaffe Oval

Delicious drinks, both alcoholic and non, and a wide selection of bitings and meals, make this comfortable and stylish location a perfect place to while away a sophisticated hour or two while the traffic dies down. If you are a fan of latin music make sure you go on a Friday for their famous salsa night or make it a ladies night out on Wednesday as you share all the gossip over pitchers of bottomless sangria.

Bao Box

The owners of this hip new bar know that the best way to settle any festering office scores is over a good old fashioned board game. Which is why they have a huge array of games for their customers to get worked up over. From the tried and tested Risk (get your revenge on your colleague who always swipes your seat by stealing Eurasia from under his nose) to Jenga, a game with no end of sexual innuendo and new entries like the Game of Thrones board game (do let us know if it’s any good!), the pool of games is (almost) endless!

Brew Bistro Roof Top

If a beer with an excellent head of foam is the main reason you want to hit the bar after office hours, then this is undoubtedly the best spot in Westlands to rest your weary backside. Their selection of craft beers would convince even the most ardent German brew enthusiast and their bar menu keeps your tastebuds happy and your stomach lined way after your bedtime alarm has pinged.

Gipsy Bar

It is no secret that every out of town businessman or woman will at one time or another have been brought to Gypsies by their Nairobi hosts. This tried and tested favourite undergoes the occasional facelift but has been hosting raucous live music nights, cocktail offers from their multiple bars will whip up surprisingly delicious hamburgers and pizzas, for as long as anyone can remember.


This lively late night joint has been a fixture on the Westlands drinking circuit for decades. With walls adorned by the art of Kenya’s favourite satirical artist Michael Soi, a second floor lounge area, themed music nights, some extremely colourful patrons and some of the best late-night dining the neighbourhood has to offer, the popularity of the bar is not on the wane any time soon.

K1 Klub House

With its stadium-like round marquee this is without doubt everyone’s favourite place to watch the big football games. The sprawling establishment hosts two different bars and for those who enjoy the buzz of a good night consuming Miraa (Qat), their dedicated chewing area is a welcome haven for this at times frowned upon pastime. Sunday is flea market day and is a sure favourite with the city’s fashionistas.


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