Tuborg Sponsored Major Lazer Concert Thrills Nairobi Fans

written by Yummy Editorial 17th October 2018

Global Dance trio, comprising super producer Diplo, DJ Walshy Fire and DJ Jillionaire, better known as Major Lazer, brought the house down at Carnivore with a sensational performance that had the crowd mesmerized and on its feet, singing their songs word for word.

The electronic dance music powerhouse won the crowd over with their recently released Afrobeats mix, and renditions of songs with popular Kenyan slang phrases as they waved the Kenyan flag on stage, paying homage to their African roots.

During the concert, Tuborg, the main sponsors, launched their campaign ‘Tuborg Open’ which endorses the power of an open spirit and encourages youth to be more inquistive and open to the opportunites the world has to offer through sharing experiences with others and breaking mainstream boundaries.

“We believe in being a culturally relevant and youth-centric brand and will do our part in supporting the growth of local music talent in Kenya,” stated Renee Kamau, Tuborg Marketing Manager.

Tuborg was part of this as they embody a rich history of introducing and supporting the integration of new music genres and artists into new markets.

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