Uber Eats Celebrate World Food Day in Kenya

written by Yummy Team 16th October 2019

Every year on 16 October, World Food Day is celebrated around the world to promote awareness and action to help those who suffer from hunger, lack of food security and ensuring that nutritious diets for all are readily available. As overweight and obesity rates continue to soar worldwide, the theme for this year’s World Food Day is “Our Actions Are Our Future Healthy Diets.” Although the definition ‘eating well’ means different things to different people, Uber Eats wants eaters to get one step closer by providing three tips to living healthier lives by changing the way they eat.

What’s for Lunch?

With the rapid modernization of the food industry, the rise of food delivery in Nairobi has been tremendously felt. With over 420 restaurants across Kenya now available on the Uber Eats app, locals are now more than ever able to experience the ease and convenience when it comes to their consumption patterns. Whether it be deciding to eat during lunchtime at work or home, locals have access to an array of affordable and healthy meals at the press of a button. With the option to remove the dressing or to order nutritious meals like a vegetable salad from Java House on the Uber Eats app, locals have the choice to lead healthier lifestyles.


Make smaller, healthier decisions

When it comes to healthy eating habits, making the right decision can have a significant impact on one’s health. Thinking about what to eat is always the most important step when it comes to making a healthy lifestyle change. People often believe that when they order food, it has to be fatty and unhealthy which is why a change of perception is extremely important.

Uber Eats categorises various options, including having a healthy tab, which houses all healthy meals available on the app from various restaurants in one place. This makes the choice to eat healthier that much easier. Eating in moderation is also another added benefit when it comes to ensuring that overeating or under-eating can be eliminated entirely. Swapping out that large burger, chips and fizzy drink for a healthy wrap and a delicious smoothie from Roro’s Co, is the first step in the right direction and will ensure that a healthy and sustainable diet is achievable.

Keeping up with your Lifestyle

Uber Eats has been able to successfully work into the busy lifestyles of the Eater, offering a suitable and convenient service for locals that have been able to enhance their lives in more ways than one. By offering tailored viewing and a range of unique features that will guide the Eater every step of the way from showing them what healthy food options are available within an eaters budget, to providing an allergy filter, which will inform Eaters up-front of allergy-friendly restaurants and meals thus helping to reduce the potential risk of accidental consumption, as well as letting them know when their food has arrived, users are able to make the necessary action to achieve healthy diets.

Uber Eats continues to take a step in the right direction by providing Kenyans with convenient options to fit their lifestyle choices so that they can take the necessary steps to create a new and healthier version of themselves.


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