Uber, Rescue Co and Zydii Launch SMS-Based COVID-19 Prevention Course

by David

Uber has partnered with Zydii and rescue.co to launch a free SMS-based driver education programme, aimed at providing tips on preventing infection with COVID-19 while travelling with passengers.

The COVID-19 Prevention and Awareness course focuses on providing drivers with health tips and basic information on Coronavirus and how best to fight against it. The course also provides recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO). Tips are centred around exercising good hygiene which is why the course offers 15 scenario-based lessons. Upon completion of the education modules, drivers will be able to access a link to download the course audio and e-book for future reference.

Speaking on the partnership, Brian Njao, Uber Country Manager for Kenya says, “It is indeed a challenging time for all Kenyans, however, we are committed to working with government agencies and other partners to ensure our Uber community, especially drivers, are supported during these uncertain times. This partnership with Zydii and rescue.co helps us with just that as we can better equip drivers with the necessary knowledge and advice on how to best prevent the spread of the virus.”

During each scenario-based lesson, drivers are given hypothetical situations and then offered advice and information on how to safely deal with the situation. At the end of the lesson, drivers are then given a short quiz on everything they have learnt.

Joyce Mbaya-Ikiao, Founder and CEO of Zydii says, “During these unprecedented times, it’s important that we empower people with practical and relatable digital courses, to help them navigate the daily challenges that the Coronavirus has brought on their livelihoods. This is why we are proud to have partnered with Uber and Rescue to innovate and leverage SMS learning blended with audio and e-book resources, to provide a prevention and awareness course that they can easily access on their mobile phones, using minimum data”

Zydii is a digital learning platform that provides tailor-made video, audio and text courses for Africans on diverse topics and available in a range of formats including mobile and desktop, among others.

Peace Kerubo, Community Engagement Lead at rescue.co by Flare: “We are glad to partner with Uber and Zydii to roll out this learning programme that drivers can leverage in a time when social distancing is being encouraged to fight the spread of COVID-19. Our vision is to provide critical medical help to people whenever they need it and this programme brings us closer to achieving that vision.”

Drivers on the Uber platform will still be able to operate from 5:00am to 6pm in order to comply with the national curfew, meaning that they will come into contact with many different people every day. The purpose of the course is to, therefore, prepare and educate them on the importance of practising safe hygiene.

The SMS courses are designed to give drivers easier access to critical knowledge and information and through innovative partnerships, companies like Uber can continue to add value to their communities while ensuring they tackle the problem together.

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