The Ultimate Martini Recipe : Beginners Guide On How To Make One

written by Yoga David 21st November 2013



The martini has to be one of the most sophisticated cocktail to drink- no doubt about it.

There is something about a chilled martini glass filled with a powerful, clear liquid and topped off with a savoury garnish that just shrieks glamour.

Many people do believe that the martini is a simple cocktail to make. But, it is hard to prepare a truly great martini.

To help, there is this ultimate martini recipe, courtesy of AskMen that can guide you to order this classic cocktail.

The Ingredients

Point to note a true martini contains only four ingredients: gin , vermouth, ice for dilution, and a garnish. If these essential building blocks are not there, no doubt it will not be a good martini.

How to make order of a Martini

Shaken or stirred?

For “Shaken” the gin is placed in a cocktail shaker and shaken with ice before being strained in your glass. This helps to make a colder version.

“Stirred” the gin will be placed in a cocktail shaker with ice and stirred for about 30 seconds before being strained into the glass. a smoother version, less ice shards is made.

Wet or dry?

This is the amount of vermouth you would like in your martini. Some like theirs “dry,” and a little bit of vermouth. “Wet,” comes with more vermouth.

Twist or Olive?

This is always the final ingredient that adds an extra profile to the flavour of the martini. A twist of stripped lemon peel twisted over the drink to release its essential oils. The oils collect on the surface of the drink and give a citrus taste to each sip.

An olive gives a more flavourful note, particularly if you add a little of the olive brine to make the drink “dirty.”



The Ultimate Martini Recipe

120 ml gin

30 ml Noilly Prat vermouth

1 lemon (or olive)


Chill all the ingredients this includes the glass plus the lemon) for at least 30 mins before making the drink.

Place six ice cubes in a cocktail shaker ,pour the liquids over them. Stir in one direction for like 30 secs.

Strain into the chilled glass. I use a tea strainer to remove all rubble of ice, making a very clear drink.



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