The Ultimate Nairobi Burger Guide

written by Yummy Team 14th October 2019

Nothing makes us happy like burgers and what people can do with them! With so many options out there, allow Yummy to pick your favourite burger spot! 

Balkan Grill House

The simple setting of this restaurant means there is enough elbow room for you to get comfortable and dig into the star of their burger menu, the Balkan Burger. Eat like a champion in the presence of other champions framed along their wall. Try their Balkan Cheese Burger as well that is made using their homemade buns.



Big Square

Square burgers, crunchy fries and epic milkshakes are what comes to mind when we think of Big Square. Whether you’re eating in or ordering takeout, you can rely on Big Square to fill that burger itch you’ve been having. Their sauces make each burger taste even better and their square made recipes are made with love and can be traced back to old family secrets.

Brew Bistro

Located at Fortis towers (Westlands) and Piedmont Plaza (Ngong Road), this local has been favourite for beer and burger lovers since its inception. Always at the front of innovation, Brew Bistro has never been predictable. From building your own burger to their Carnivore/ Herbivore burger menu, you can always expect a surprise from them whether it’s samosa wrapped beef burger or even a watermelon burger.


Burger King The Hub

There is a reason the name King is in their name. Their burgers are unmatched and that includes the Big King burger and Whopper which both include flame-grilled beef patties. The restaurant is set up so that you can either cuddle up in a booth with your burger or relax on the patio as your kids play around in their playground.

Charlies Bistro

Meet Charlies, your new spot for burgers and so much more! Located in the CBD and now in Kileleshwa, they recently launched their new burger menu that makes your visit even better. You can look forward to wholesome, juicy burgers that are perfect for a night out or even for one of those bad days when you need a pick me up.

Coffee Casa

This cleverly situated restaurant is home to great coffee, delicious food and Instagram worthy decor. You can’t pass up on trying a burger here. All year round they serve up creative, mouthwatering burgers that are yet to disappoint. Take advantage of their other offers as well including Milkshake Mondays.



J’s Karen

J's Burger RecipeIf there’s one thing J’s has down, its burgers. The variety alone might throw you off but don’t worry, there’s more than one day in a week so that means you can go there every day and you won’t run out of burgers to try! Add on the rooftop terrace and amazing cocktails and you have yourself a great afternoon.

Kilele Nyama

At this roast house, you get more than just great decor and good service. Go hungry because the portions at Kilele Nyama are just as generous as the view. Don’t hesitate to bring a friend because sharing is caring and you will definitely want to share both the ambience, burgers and cocktails with all your friends.

Mama Rocks

What started as a food truck is now paving the way for experimental burgers with fresh new flavours. Mama Rocks changed the burger game and it’s only getting better. With their classic truck at The Alchemist and new sit-in restaurant in Kilimani, you can enjoy your gourmet burgers to your fill. Look out for crowd favourites like the Mango Masai and TIA as well as their new hot sauces!


Known for its cocktails, Newscafe doesn’t shy away from bringing the house down with their burgers. You may know them for their Monday burger offers, but we know all week round, you can enjoy a Newscafe burger! Big portions and exciting fillings make your experience exciting, no matter your pick. Newscafe has 3 outlets: Sarit Centre, Adlife plaza and Rosslyn Riviera.

Rozina’s Restaurant

This family-owned restaurant from Mombasa is now in Nairobi. Located in Westlands, Rozinas is home to simple but delicious meals. You can look forward to their Mombasa burger made with cheese, chillies and their very own house special sauce. Sometimes, a simple burger is all you need. If you’re feeling more adventurous, give the rest of their menu a try!


Located in Upper Hill, Savannah isn’t just your regular lunchtime stop. Their burger menu consists of the classics like Beef burgers, Chicken burgers and even a Veggie burger, but on top of that, give their unique Savannah Burger a try! The Savannah Burger is made of creamed mushroom, an egg, beef bacon, and caramelised onion. It’s one of those that just stick with you long after the meal is over.

Sax and Violins

This comfortable lounge is located inside the Waterfront Mall in Karen and is one of a kind. Inside you will find simple tables all facing a stage filled with instruments that are expertly played every weekend as patrons enjoy their meals. Enjoy well seasoned, savoury burgers as you take in the view of the lake to the sounds of soothing jazz.


Steers has a special place in many Kenyans hearts. We all know the joy of ordering a King Steer burger with that special BBQ sauce that can be so addictive. Steers is still one of our top spots for a quick and dirty burger that fills you up and leaves you smiling for the rest of the day. With their wide menu and select classics, we can’t mention burgers without raving about Steers! You can find Steers in South C, Muindi Mbingu Street, Donholm and on Ngong Road.

The Local Grill

Located in Village Market, The Local Grill stands out as ‘The’ meat place in Nairobi. With extensive knowledge of their meat cuts and careful selection of every item on their menu and suppliers, you can be sure to experience a burger at The Local Grill that knows how a burger should be. This steak house brings their A-game with their burger menu from the cheesy beef burgers to bacon-topped burgers that can make anyone weep.

The Shack Nairobi

You can’t say burgers without including The Shack Nairobi. Their spot at Magharibi Place has been serving up expertly cooked burgers since they opened. Now that they have a new spot in Karen, there’s no excuse to not try their iconic Shack Powerhouse or the Cuckoo Shack.

The Tavern

Located at King’s Post on Rhapta Road, this Swahili style inspired beauty is a hidden gem that deserves more attention. With three levels that suit whatever night/ day you’re having, you can look forward to Cajun burgers (Fish & chicken) that embody our love for burgers, as well as the classics. Enjoy the ambience and good service while you dive into their burger menu.

Uncle Nene’s

They may not have a physical store but that has not stopped anyone from ordering their simple but flavourful burgers. Their burgers come with seasoned fries and coleslaw but you have the option of making it a double or trying something different with their French Toast burger.


The decor is a mix of jazz fusion and African glass art with hints of Moorish culture as well. Go for their chargrilled mini beef patties or their veggie burger with beetroot, spinach onion on a brioche bun with family and friends. You won’t be disappointed.




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