Uses of Aluminium Foil

written by Yummy Team 2nd May 2019

If there is one item that will make your kitchen life easier it is aluminium foil. This is a thin sheet of aluminium that has versatile uses in the kitchen.

According to popular Kenyan Chef Raphael,

  • Baking/Roasting – Cover meat, bread or cake and prevent form over browning or drying (for meat, only cover during first half of cooking)
  • Oven tin lining – in case you don’t have parchment/greaseproof paper to line your baking tin while baking.
  • Insulation – Use foil to cover your pot and enjoy the benefits of slow cooking.
  • Outdoor grilling – Perfect for insulating charcoal heat, to prevent the grilled meat from getting dry and loosing delicious taste.

Good quality foil has the right density and is neither too thick nor too thin. It should be malleable, should roll out and tear easily when you want it to but also be puncture resistant when you need it to be. It should have a shiny side and a side with a matte finish. The shiny side should be the one to cover the food as it helps reflect back the heat to keep the food hot and fresh.

For hygiene purposes keep foil in its carton and unroll it only when ready to use it. Also look for ways to recycle the foil. Where possible, use it twice so that you get value for your money.

Use your next packet of Fay foil to make these delicious recipes by home chef, Nixi Sandhu:

Eggs Benedict Quiche

Fennel and Five Spice Pork Belly

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