Victory Farms Launches Direct-to-Consumer Fish Delivery Service

by David

Victory Farms has introduced a new service, “C Negative”, that brings high quality fish-naturally raised, locally sourced, sustainably produced – directly from their farm in Lake Victoria to customers’ doorsteps in Nairobi.

“C Negative, a play on our Carbon Negative aquaculture practices, is a major initiative supporting our mission to make healthy protein more accessible in Kenya”, said Amit Grabovski, Commercial Director for Victory Farms.

The official launch event at Nairobi brought together influencers in the Kenyan food scene to spark a conversation on locally sourced animal protein. “We believe that consumers have a right to know where their fish comes from, and have seen a strong desire to support local farms”, said Sarah Benhamo, Deputy Commercial Director for Victory Farms.

The event also created awareness about different ways to cook fresh fish at home. Chef Mesha Tarun, a rising star from BOMA college, prepared a six course meal showcasing a variety of recipes with Tilapia and Nile Perch.

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