How East Fm’s Vikaash Pattni Takes His Coffee

written by Wendy Watta 2nd October 2015

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Vikaash 27, is a radio presenter at East FM who’s been hosting for about 3 years now. He’s also an actor who’s appeared in shows like Prem, Mr and Mrs Singh and Inspekta Mwala. If I had to pick one phrase to describe him, it would be ‘super funny’.

How do you take your coffee?
I like a nice latte.

Go-to pastry?
Tiramisu or black forest cake

What’s your morning routine?
Since I do the breakfast show, I wake up at 4:00 am, play a few games, check my social media and show up to work by about 5:00 am, after which my co-host and I prep for the show. It’s not really scripted as we have good chemistry and generally like to be spontaneous. I also like to have some coffee to get me started.

Have you ever said something you regret on radio?
So many times! I think I almost gave up my bank account once! Sometimes you forget that there’s an audience and think that you’re only speaking to this one person. You end up uttering things that make you wish your boss didn’t actually tune in that morning!

How did you get the job?
I first auditioned about 5 years ago and got turned down a few times. I was told I didn’t even have a voice for radio. I’m however good at doing impressions of Bollywood actors (and a few from Hollywood. His Sylvester Stallone impression is pretty solid) so one time a friend called me to go do voice over for a commercial. They eventually never used it, but that’s how East FM noticed me.

What’s the best part about your job?
Going to the office in Pajamas is number one! People also seem to remember me when they want concert tickets which is quite interesting.

Parting shot?
Cast me in your movies! And if you happen to have any surplus money, I can give you my bank account! (Laughs).

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