Villa Rosa Kempinski previews “88”

written by Hiyabel Tewoldemedhin 4th December 2014

Villa Rosa Kempinski has brought a new flavour of Pan-Asian cuisine to town. On  Friday, 28th November, Kempinski gave foodies and the media a sneak peek into their new bar and restaurant, christened “88”. Guests were treated to a mixology class, a sushi rolling lesson, and later, a full dinner and night of DJ jams.

Upon arrival, we were treated to a holiday-inspired welcome drink consisting of sparkling wine, apple juice, and cinnamon. Soon after, the team at Kempinski kicked off the preview event with a hands-on mixology lesson. Kempinski’s Assistant Director of Food and Beverage, Jaakko Eskola, walked us through the basics of cocktail making and the recipe for 88’s signature drink, the Tom Kha Vodka. The more daring amongst us were invited to join Jaakko behind the counter to mix and shake their own cocktails. I passed, knowing I’d likely be the one person to spill the drink all over myself and the guests around me.

Chef Tyrone then led the group through a sushi rolling session. I say sushi rolling, not sushi making, because the elements of the delicious sushi I rolled – perfectly sticky rice, marinated spicy tuna, flavourful crab sticks, and sliced carrots and avocado – were already prepared and set in neatly laid out dishes in front of me; I can barely take credit for how delicious my sushi turned out. Chef Tyrone was very hands-on throughout the session, showing us how much rice to place on the seaweed, which fingers to use to fold and squeeze the roll (thumb, index, and middle finger only), how to cut the sushi to preserve its shape (slowly, with plenty of back and forth movement of the knife, to avoid pressing down through the roll), and how to plate the final roll in a visually appealing manner.

We were later served a delicious dinner from Chef de Cuisine Prapai Pattamang. On the menu: green papaya salad with dried shrimps and peanuts, tom yum soup, chicken with cashew and water chestnuts, beef with black pepper, green curry, steamed seabass, mushroom and asparagus with water chestnut, and pad thai – all sumptuous. DJ Imran kept us entertained on the decks thereafter.

The name 88 derives from the belief, prevalent in several Asian cultures, that 8 is a lucky number. The team at 88 wishes all its guests a double portion of prosperity, wealth, and good luck.

Make your reservations on 88’s EatOut page or call us at 0711 222222.

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