Want To Boost Your Memory? Try Two Espressos!

written by Yoga David 17th January 2014



We all know that coffee has long been a good friend of students working or studying through the night, but did you know it does more than just keep us awake?

A recently conducted study provides the first convincing evidence that caffeine may enhance long-term memory in people. This is provided the dose is right.

These effects mirror similar results conducted and seen in honeybees, where a boost to memory from caffeine-laden nectar may tend to help bees return to certain plants.

Researchers resiliently suspected that caffeine enhances memory, but the studies that tried to show this in people have remained inconclusive.

Any apparent benefit in memory shows it could have been due to increased attention, which is a known benefit of caffeine.

Studies done to rats,suggested that it enhances memory consolidation. This is the process of strengthening memories between acquiring them and retrieving them, which should affect long-term memory.

So next time you take your freshly brewed coffee make sure it is of right dosage who knows you can be able to boost your memory.

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