Want to up your Skills in the kitchen?

written by Chef Raphael 9th September 2013



Cooking for me is fun and all about trying out new things and being experimental in the Kitchen. At this digital age we are exposed to new cuisines and foods through the net and introduction of what was foreign foods by restaurants in Kenya. So as to appreciate all the goodness about food people will try out ideas from recipe books or DSTV’s Food network channel but without the right skills and guidance on how to go about cooking the new meals, it can be disastrous and demotivating.
Within the past year I have noted an increased demand for cooking classes here in Nairobi as well as other cities here in Kenya. Food lovers are increasingly looking for ways to up their game at home and take control of their cooking!



Whether on Facebook or through food blogs, there’s an upsurge of activity within these spheres where one can learn a few tricks about cooking and get recipes online. I run a facebook page which is all about sharing my knowledge about food and skills I have gained and developed over the years working as a cook and chef in hotels, restaurants and Cruise ships around the world.
At my page you will not only get recipes that are simple and fast to execute, but I also go the extra mile and make guides on various meals through step by step pictures. I also share my recipes on blogs like this one as well as a weekly column on Wednesday Nation Living magazine.

Im working on my Youtube Channel where I will further give recipes and guides about various local and international foods, Watch out for that really soon!
My vision is to see a kenya with more and more people appreciating tasty meals at home and increasing their knowledge on how great meals are created and the ripple effect is having the restaurants upping their game as the customers will demand for great food that they know how it should be!


I enjoy interacting with my fans/customers/clients/students and with time I have picked up valuable intel on what kenyans like to cook or want to learn to cook. I hold cooking classes from my home as well as visiting people at their homes and teach them how to do up their cooking skills with personalised sessions. Househelp training has also proved popular with several employers contracting me to teach them so that the family can have enjoyable meals at home!



Have a look at my page and contact me for any info you may need about my cooking classes or any other food question.


For recipes and how to guides on various dishes and about what else I do, LIKE my page www.facebook.com/chefraphael and discover your inner chef. “BE WARNED,THE PAGE IS VERY ADDICTIVE AND DELICIOUS!”
Email me: raphael@chef-raphael.com to get details of my cooing classes and more
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