Warming Cocktails For this July

written by Jeannette Musembi 2nd July 2013

When the temperatures drop, as they have markedly this week, now is the time to warm up with the cold July cocktails and mugs of steaming deliciousness. From spicy hot chocolate to festive berry mulled wine, hot cocktail recipes are the perfect antidotes to cold weather chills.


Mulled wine is traditionally made using red wine, spices, sugar, citrus fruits and it is served hot. Its origin can be traced back to the Roman time and as Roman travelled through Europe carrying with them vine and wine, the recipe travelled.

So how to do a good Mulled Wine? Philipe Cauviere, owner of the WWW Shop and Bar at the Junction Mall gives us a delicious recipe we can try at home. Quite fittingly, he stocks almost any type of wine you can think of at the shop and is quite the wine connoisseur.


The preferred wine should be port and Claret wine, though other wines can be used, it is essential to start with a reasonable quality wine. Port wine is typically richer, sweeter, heavier, and possesses a higher alcohol content than most other wines making it the perfect drink during the colder months.

Start with a clean pot in which you add:

1 pint of cold water

3 cloves,

2 cinamon sticks,

1 star anis seed,

5 pepper corns,

1/2 a lemon cut in slices and

1 orange cut in slices, then in half.

Bring the whole pot to boil and then leave it to simmer for about 10 mins. Then add between 50gr to 100 gr of sugar to taste and a pint of red wine. Bring to boil, cover and let simmer for another 10mins. Serve warm in a cup or heat resistant glass.

This is a very basic recipe and each one of you can adapt it either by changing the spice mix proportion or adding vanilla pods and other ingredients such as brandy, rum or orange liquor can be added. As for sugar, it is really up to you, if you use port, then reduce your sugar. Honey can also replace the sugar!


To be enjoyed with moderation!

For more on the WWW Shop and Bar please click HERE

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