WATCH: Sauti Sol Take on Just A Band for Nairobi’s Biggest Burger Challenge

written by Jeannette Musembi 11th July 2013

Video Courtesy of the Capital FM Lifestyle Website

Tuesday saw Kenyan groups Just A Band and Sauti Sol battle it out for Nairobi’s Biggest Burger Challenge held at Brew Bistro. If you havent been upto speed on the celebrity challenge, please CLICK HERE.

Formerly taken by Mikul Shah of EatOut and Susan Wong of Capital FM, the burger challenge is easier said than done.

Just a band were the first ones at the scene and seemed confident enough that they would win the challenge. Sauti Sol, arriving closely after, had been practicing for the burger challenge and were sure that they would beat their rivals. It was really a funny scene to behold, seeing the 2 giant bands jest each other playfully before they took to the eating ring.

Delvin and Bienaime of Sauti Sol, and Mbithi and Blinky Bill of Just A Band tackled the foot-tall burger of 1.5 kg of pure beef, 40 toppings, 2 gigantic burger buns, french fries, onion rings and a 2 L pitcher of beer – ALLin 30 minutes.

From the onset, Just a Band did really well, their strategy of devouring the heavier components of the burger seeming to work. Sauti Sol on the other hand, took it nice and slow, choosing to begin with the meat patty.

Several mouthfuls later, their 30 minutes were finally up and the remnants of the 5kg burgers were taken to the weighing scales. Fans of both the bands who had come out in numbers, held their breaths in this defining moment.

Who reigned supreme and claimed the title of Kenya’s Burger Kings?

Watch here:

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