It’s A Juicy Steak Affair At Golden Spur Steak Ranch

written by Winnie Wangui 20th May 2015

Golden Spur Steak Ranch, at Southern Sun Hotel offers deliciously prepared steaks, burgers, rich desserts and a wide range of salads for lunch and dinner. If you are a meat lover, this should be your go-to spot for tantalizing steaks and ribs.  However, in case you are vegetarian and you are wondering if you can find any vegetarian meals, they have something for everyone in their menu so they’ve got you covered.

Golden Spur

They have exciting menus and offers such as:


Spur Big Chief Combo Steak Ribs Steakhouse Restaurant

Renown for  their tasty ribs, they have an all you can eat juicy Ribs every Thursday for only Ksh. 1,600. Dive in the specially prepared ribs and you will never want to taste ribs from any other place again. Better go on an empty stomach because these ribs are to die for.

Tasty steaks

Steak Golden Spur

Their signature steaks are top-notch and are bound to satisfy your taste buds. They are made with perfect seasoning and served in generous quantities. Trust me, one bite of these and you will not want to taste any other steak from anywhere else.

Specially made for kids

Steak 2 Spur

Being a family oriented restaurant, they have tempting offers for the kids. Kids get to enjoy their special menu which features dishes such as Chicken Nuggets which go for Ksh. 450,  great Steak for Ksh. 500 served with chips or veggies, a rack of Ribs for Ksh. 400 also served with chips or veggies.. They also have a birthday offer where a birthday of 15 kids and above get a free cake. Sounds awesome right? That’s not all about this great steak restaurant. They have a spacious play area for kids and a kiddies room inside the restaurant where your children can play and have fun as you indulge in the finger-licking dishes.

Salivating already? Well, head to Golden Spur Steak Ranch and relish on mouth watering dishes guaranteed to fill you up.

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