What you need to know about Brew Bistro’s Oktoberfest

written by Mary Mahinda 1st October 2014

Although Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany is coming to an end this week, Brew Bistro have introduced a MONTH-LONG local Oktoberfest featuring happy hours, beer cocktails, special discounts and much more across a number of restaurants, hotels and bars in the city. Here’s how it will work:

What you need to know about Brew Bistro's Oktorberfest in Nairobi

During the entire month, beer lovers can enjoy varying selections of the Big 5 Breweries range on tap at  all the participating outlets. The Big 5 breweries range  will include their standard Simpils, Kifabock, Temstout, Chuikolsch and Nyatipa, as well as their Oktoberfest seasonal brews: Hefeweizen, Kristalweizen, Marzen and Caramel Pils. Click here to read about each brew. Also available for Non-beer drinkers is a variety of delicious beer cocktails (click here to read about the cocktails being offered). This promotion will run throughout the month and end off with an exciting closing event: the OKTOBERFEST GRAND FINALE BEER BUS CRAWL.

What you need to know about Brew Bistro's Oktorberfest in Nairobi

Participating Outlets 

Brew Bistro & Lounge

Mambo Italia

Sarabi Supper Club

Café Tasse

Seven Seafood & Grill

Capital Club

Seven Grill and Lounge

Que Pasa

Tamambo Village Market

Tamarind Karen

Tamambo Karen

Jacaranda Hotels

Hilton Hotel

Pizza Garden




Monikos Kitchen

Sopa Lodge

Nairobi Serena

Sankara Nairobi

Tribe Hotel


The Wine Shop



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