What’s In Our Picnic Basket

written by Yummy Team 16th April 2019

A long weekend is coming and that means taking a break from your couch and possibly enjoy the last of the Nairobi heat before the sun is tucked away behind clouds and we all become familiar with our umbrellas and heaters. Here is our list of what you should carry on your next picnic:


Picnic Basket

There’s nothing worse than deciding to go on a picnic and rummaging through your house only to end up using that one basket you bought from Carrefour when the sudden ban on plastics was enforced. There’s no way that basket will fit all your food, drinks and blankets. That’s not even half of what you carry. So take this as a sign that you should pop into the closest mitumba or the Made in Kenya store and get yourself something sturdy that won’t rip when you need it the most.





Chilly’s Bottle

This clever water bottle doubles as a wine bottle. If you love a chilled glass of wine on a hot day but don’t want to stress about your pre-chilled bottle of wine warming up in the intense Nairobi sun then this is the bottle for you. It promises to keep your wine cool for 24 hours. It also holds an entire 750ml bottle of wine. If that isn’t enough to convince you then maybe the fact that it comes in several designs will. Pop into The Shop in Hardy Post and get yourself one at Kshs. 5,500.





Miniso Wipes

Sticky fingers are the bane of every picnic goer. The search for a source of water to wipe off barbeque sauce is always frantic and that bottle of water that you were keeping for later turns into your saviour. Leave those worries in the past and get these travel-friendly packs of wipes from Miniso. For extra freshness, get the mint essence pack. Just don’t forget to dispose of them properly.






Kericho Gold Travel Pack

If you love tea but don’t want throw sachets into your basket then spend the better part of your afternoon turning it upside down to find them, this Kericho Gold Travel Pack is about to become one of your picnic essentials. Neatly presented and minimally packaged, you won’t have to worry about where to put your favourite flavours. Find it at a FoodPlus near you at Kshs. 100.

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