#WhatsYourArt With Snack Attack

written by Fred Mwithiga 8th April 2015

You love Snack Attack. You love their Loaded Chips and you simply can’t do without an Angry Chicken. Oh yeah, and you consider yourself an artist. A maestro when it comes to food and all things edible. You like your food to look good even though you didn’t cook it. Maybe you weren’t the best in your art class, ┬ábut since you like to eat, Snack Attack are giving you the chance to win either a family deal or an office deal that’ll be delivered to your doorstep just for making your own signature Loaded Chips!

#WhatsYourArt With Snack Attack

All you have to do is:

1. Buy some Loaded Chips at Snack Attack Sarit OR Snack Attack Adams.
2. Make your signature loaded using any of their toppings.
3. Take a picture, name your Loaded Chips.
4. Upload it on the comment section on their Facebook Page.
5. Get your friends to like it and share it.

The photo with the most likes/shares will be crowned victor!

#WhatsYourArt With Snack Attack

Snack Attack News below:

Snack Attack At Your Office

Why We Love Snack Attack’s Loaded Chips


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