Where To Find Your Favourite 5 Kenyan Breakfasts in Nairobi

by David

You can never go wrong with breakfast. It’s one of those meals that always puts a smile on your face because if you have to start your day early then you’d rather be starting it with a plate of hot food.  Some times we indulge in Western breakfasts and other days we look for the heartier dishes that are the perfect combination of sweet and savoury.

Here are our 5 favourite Kenyan breakfast dishes and where to find them in Nairobi.

Tea and Mahamri

This has been around for decades and probably will still be on for a couple more hundred years. We’ve never met anyone who doesn’t love a nice rich mandazi, so it’s safe to say that this all-time favourite is a Kenyan classic.

You can get Kenyan Chai all over Nairobi but here’s where to find the softest and tastiest mahamri:

Kafe Koko, Nyama Mama, Swahili Plate, Mataam Swahili & Mama Ntile.

Porridge aka ‘Uji’

Almost everyone I know has had a bowl of porridge for breakfast. Traditionally served in a calabash, Uji, is rich and thick and prepared from sorghum or millet so it full of nutrients. Uji has become so popular, you can now order it at Amaica restaurant in Westlands!

Here are more spots where you can get it:

Bridges Organic Health Restaurant, Tunic Kitchen & Bamboo at Reata Restaurant.



The Arrow Root

You haven’t had a Kenyan breakfast if you haven’t eaten nduma. My grandfather was a sucker for these. They are packed with lots of fibre and nutrients that would do your body some good. You can either boil them or deep fry them and have them with your tea or coffee!

Here’s where to find some:

Le Grenier à Pain, Bridges Organic Health Restaurant, Crispy Bites Cafe & Traditional African Dishes.

The Sweet Potato

The sweet potato is great for breakfast especially if you have a mug of tea by your side. Feeling experimental? Add on some eggs and bacon and settle down for an amazing breakfast!

Here’s where to find some:

Le Grenier à Pain, Nyama Mama, Tunic Kitchen, Traditional Kenyan Dishes & Savannah Restaurant.


A good Kenyan breakfast features these crispy and satisfying treats that go well with a cup of tea or even after (or before) a discreet helping of uji. They come in different varieties and can be filled with beef, chicken, potatoes and other vegetables.

Here’s where to find some:

Saape Restaurant, Tuskys Deli, Java House, Stack & Squeeze, Chowpaty, Connect Coffee & Zucchini.





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