Where To Watch The EURO 2016 Final

written by Liz Maelane 6th July 2016

If you love sports you that know all you need for a great viewing is a big screen TV, great surround sound, a nice cold beer or whisky (or wine) and a fun crowd. Here’s our pick of the best bars and restaurants to watch the EURO 2016 final in Nairobi.

Emerald Garden – Gigiri

Emerald Garden

Authentic Thai cuisine, eastern ambience with colonial grandeur are not the only things to enjoy at this restaurant opposite the UN Avenue. They have fantastic offers for the Euro 2016 semis and finals. Get their wings and one bucket of beer for Ksh 3500, the seafood platter and one bottle of white wine for Ksh 5000 and groups  of 20 people get 10% off drinks bill.

Balcony Bar


The Balcony Bar at Villa Rosa Kempinski is a luxurious space with tasteful furnishings that are well spaced out. The bar hosts a fantastic whisky and wine selection – with a particularly good range of champagnes. On the more realized side they have great signature cocktails as well as local and international beers. The TV screens are located in the more open part of the room allowing for a good crowd to gather when there’s a big match on.

Avg. Cost of a beer: Ksh. 400

Big Square

Top Gigiri Restaurants Picks

Watch the much awaited Euro 2016 semis and finals this weekend as you sink your teeth on their  legendary square burgers or pork ribs. They will also be having fabulous deals on meals and an extended happy hour.

Avg. Cost of a beer: Ksh 300

Bonhomie Concord Hotel

concord euro 1

This recently opened restaurant features a concept that represents warmth and geniality. With strategically positioned HD Projectors you are guaranteed not to miss the action. Watching a match here is a fun experience. They have a wide variety of food and drinks and diferent flavours of shisha. This weekend, they will be showing the Euro 2016 finals. Entry is Ksh. 500 and there will be lots of fun activities including raffle draws and fun bets.

Avg. Cost of a beer: Ksh 400

Curragh Irish Pub and Bistro


Boasting of an ambiance and craic of an Irish pub, This isn’t your copy paste Irish Pub this is really Irish, down to the addictive laid back atmosphere. You almost half expect a Leprechaun to jump out from behind the enormous trees that surround the pub. Live music, sports and banter will be the order of the day. If home is where you make it then it’s here watching smiles through the warm and inviting light that fills the pub and gasps that come from football and Rugby games playing live across three screens. For something golden, pour into a glass on Happy Hour.

Avg. Cost of a beer: Ksh. 200 during matches

K1 Klubhouse

Best of Nairobi: Bars for watching sports

It never hurts to grab an ice cold beer—they do Tusker on tap—in the large open air seating at K1 Klubhouse. With multiple screens in every corner of the bar—indoor and outdoor—it’s a fantastic large venue for watching sports (they even created a mini viewing arena during the 2014 Fifa World Cup). Order a hot plate of nyama choma with friends and after the game get moving as the bar turns into a jovial nightclub with popular music played by their talented in house djs.

Avg. Cost of a beer: Ksh. 250 



Kengele’s in Lavington Green mall is a lively pub with a good balance between outdoor and indoor space. The sound system is powerful and there are generous screens for viewing sports. Their chicken is pretty good and they have good prices on beers, wines and spirits. They will be showing the Euro 2016 finals, perfect place to cheer you team on.

Avg. Cost of a beer: Ksh. 300 

Moca Loca Garden City

Moca Loca Garden City

Watching a game as you sip on your ice cold drink and have flawless service is the perfect representation of a great night. Moca Loca’s beautiful space and ambiance coupled with their fantastic dishes and big screens provide the perfect setting for that must-watch Saturday afternoon game.

Avg. Cost of a beer: Ksh. 300

Monikos Kitchen

Monikos Kitchen

This popular healthy restaurant boasts of a tranquil ambiance with the serene garden area combined with a delectable garden lunch cafe, and dinner menu. They have a fully stocked bar where you will find whiskeys, rum, beer, wines, brandys among other drinks to wash down your meal as you enjoy watching the Euro 2016 finals on the HD Screens.

Avg. Cost of a beer: Kshs. 350, House Wine, Kshs. 450

Purdy Arms

purdy arms2

Tucked away in the well kept suburban forests of Karen, Purdy Arms is by far one of the best sports bars in the city. The bar itself is a tastefully designed pub with a full bar of beers. wines and spirits (they even have beer on tap). Wherever you turn or sit a widescreen tv is within plain sight. On big game days the bar always pulls a lively crowd of sports lovers – they even project the match onto one of their walls so no body is left out.

Avg. Cost of a beer: Ksh. 300 

Que Pasa

que pasa

Don’t be fooled by Que Pasa’s chic decor and occasional fine dining fare, on game days it can get pretty fun with the added benefit of an exquisite whisky selection. Their big screens are perfect for watching the much awaited Euro 2016 finals this weekend. Whether you’re in the mood for a beer or a cocktail their beautiful bar and talented bartenders have you covered. The bar area is smaller than most and therefore has a nice, warm feeling of a pub.

Avg. Cost of a beer: Ksh. 300 

The Gallery At Sankara

Top Cafes in Nairobi

The Gallery is not only visually stunning with its glass walls and high ceilings highlighting the well stocked and well designed bar. It has great sound and a large TV screen perfect for watching sports. Its cosmopolitan ambiance makes it a great spot for watching a game after work or on weekend evenings.

Avg. Cost of a beer: Ksh. 500 

Sirville Brewery

best of Nairobi-bars for watching sports-Sirville Brewery

Sirville Brewery is one of very few micro brewers in the city. If you’re tired of the same commercial beers you always have, come try their fantastic range of unique brews. Sirville’s atmosphere is as electric as its retro decor with speakers built in at very corner and massive tv screens scattered around the spacious restaurant.

Avg. Cost of a beer: Ksh. 180 

Spice Roots

best of Nairobi-bars for watching sports-Spice roots

If you haven’t done a koroga yet—and on a game day no less—you’ve not experienced Nairobi. Put your cooking skills to the test with pre-spiced, pre-sauced, chopped orders of meat, paneer and more from the restaurant’s menu. You can also choose to just order cooked food from their wonderful kitchen. Spice Roots have good cocktails and a fully stocked bar and the best part is that there’s a flat screen tv in each banda so you and your friends can enjoy the match hassle free.

Avg. Cost of a beer: Ksh. 250 


Best of Nairobi: Bars For Watching Sports-Tribeka

Tribeka can be both seen and heard from a distance. Who wouldn’t want to sit on a balcony sipping beers and eating delicious chicken wings whilst watching a match? The restaurant is vibrant in every single way and its two floors ensure enough room for a large, fun crowd of fans

Avg. Cost of a beer: Ksh. 200

Urban Gourmet Burgers

urban burger

Recently re-opened at Westgate Mall, at the food court, this spot is the home of perfectly  created burgers. Their signature urban burger is a definite must-try as it literally re-invents burgers as you know them. You could also dive into their surf and turf burger which is loaded with beef, crispy bacon and prawns. They have big screens strategically placed so you are assured of catching the latest match in HD accompanied by a fantastic cocktail or cold beer. Enjoy the Euro 2016 final  with their ultimate Soccer Combo – six sliders, fries or onion rings, pickles and coleslaw plus four Carlsbergs for Ksh 3,000. They are also giving away five Carlbergs for Ksh. 1,500.

Avg cost of a burger: Ksh. 800-1000 (depending on the toppings)

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