Ole Sereni’s Mango-Papaya Chutney – Perfect for BBQs

written by Chef Kevin Barron 8th June 2012


Chutney is a traditional Indian condiment that is made from fruit, sugar, and spices. It’s a wonderfully versatile ingredient to have in the kitchen. Chutneys are good for more than just Indian dishes. Try chutneys as an accompaniment to cheese, as a sauce for meats (especially pork, lamb, and chicken), stirred into rice, as a sandwich spread, or even over ice cream.

Try out this cool mango-papaya chutney recipe!



Red Pepper 200g

Yellow Pepper 200g

Sliced Red Onions 100g

Diced Mango 400g

Diced Papaya 450g

Corn Oil to fry

White Vinegar 200ml

Brown Sugar 400g

Tumeric Powder 1 1/2 tablespoons

Garam Masala Powder 2 1/2 tablespoons

Coriander Powder 2 tablespoons

Chopped Garlic 3 tablespoons

Cumin Seeds  2 1/2 tablespoon



Heat the oil and add the cumin seeds fry for 10 seconds, add the onions and sweat then add the garlic, add the spices and fry 2 minutes more then add the peppers.

Add the sugar and dissolve, add the mango and papaya and cook for 5 minutes until it starts to break down, add the vinegar and cook on low heat until liquid has gone and you have a thick chutney.















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